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Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 16 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost | Turkey Tv Series
Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 16 English Subtitle

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Destan 16 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 16 English Subtitle 316 Healed now, Lüdegast’s wounds healed, beside Gunther, the Khan of Saxon province was spending time. They buried there, several people who died.
In those days Gunther Han went where he would find Siegfried.

317 He said to the valiant: “Give me a mind, what should I do? Our enemies want to go now; He always wishes peace from me. Wisdom teaches me, daredevil, tell me what seems right to you.

318 Let me convey to you the wish of those blessed ones: They will give me as much gold as five hundred horses can carry; In exchange for their release.” Replied Sir Siegfried: “It is so unbelievably handsome. Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Now

319 Let them go without taking anything; But let them assure you, both valiant, that they will never again bring an army into your country; Let them be on this road!” “I will follow this advice,” said Han, and they left. The following notification was given to the enemies: “Keep the gold, what you have offered; Those who love you in your country miss you war-weary warriors; let your way be clear!

321 But the gold that was sent had come; They were carried inside with shields used as trays. On Gernot’s counsel Gunther distributed them to his friends, hand in hand without weighing them down; Five hundred gold liras per man, maybe more.

322 All those who wanted to go received permission from the Khan; Meanwhile, they appeared to Kriemhild, and also to Ute Hatun, and said goodbye to them. They were all sent off with great blessings. Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Now

Destan 16 English Subtitle 323 They went away on horseback, the palace’s guest places were empty; Stayed Han With his own lords in state and dignity, with many noble people, And he visited every day to the court of Kriemhild Hatun.

324 Siegfried could not hope to reach his heart. He also wished to go, valiant. They announced to the Khan that he wanted to leave; Young Giselher tried to dissuade him, insistently:

325 “Where do you want to ride, very noble? Stay here with the gentlemen, do what I said; Don’t leave Gunther Han and his men. Look, there are many beautiful ladies here, we would be happy to honor you by introducing them to them. Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Now

326 Siegfried the Strong, then, said: “Let the horses standstill; I wanted to leave here, I gave up now. Take the shields, too. I was going to my homeland; By his devotion to me, Mister Giselher, he prevented it.

327 Thus, the daring, valiant, to please his friends, did not leave. Already in his lifetime, nowhere else It couldn’t have been that pleasant. Destan 16 English Subtitle Thanks to his stay, he could see Kriemhild whenever he wished.

328 The unique beauty of the girl was left to her in that country. However, the pain that the love he carried inside of him was not little; Finally, because of this love, he died in shrieks.

329 New news came from beyond the Rhine, it was heard that there were many beautiful people there. He kept saying to the Khan, the foremost Gentlemen, They used to say, “Why don’t you take a wife and marry?” Said the wealthy Khan, “I will not stop anymore, unique.

330 However, I will think about where to get a wife; Who will suit me and my state, to be my lady, With nobility, beauty? I will take it, If I find such; know that too.”

Destan 16 English Subtitle  Watch Free Of Cost | Turkey Tv Series
Turkey Tv Series | Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost


331 There was a Hatun Sultan who lived beyond the sea; Destan Episode 16 There was no one who had ever heard of something like it. Her beauty, or her bodily strength, was beyond measure; He would compete in throwing spears, and he would never fall behind the strongest knight.

332 He was the one who threw the stone the furthest, Destan Episode 16 again he was the one who leaped the furthest. Destan 16 English Subtitle The condition was obvious, to those who wanted to take him as a wife, the noble Hatun was saying, “You will enter three competitions with me. If you lose one, you will know that you will die too.”

333 She had entered such competitions many times, Hanım Sultan; Heard this, the Han on the Rhine. He was eager to take that unique lady as a wife; Many brave men would die because of his enthusiasm. Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Now

334 Gunther Han and his Beys were sitting one day, They discussed this matter thoroughly, they thought it would be okay or not, How could they do it? If he could come out because he was willing, What would he like to accompany the country, if he had gotten what he wanted? Sovereign of

335 Rhineland land, spoke: “I will go on a voyage to Brünhild, there I will go; whatever happens to me.Destan 16 English Subtitle I took the head on the seat, for the sake of her beauty, Sacrifice this soul for her; Brünhild, who will necessarily be mine.” “Of that,” said Siegfried, “I advise you to give up. Such an attempt is very dangerous considering what he has done. A job has happened to all the bidders; That’s why I’m against the departure design.”

337 Replied Gunther Han: “She wasn’t born yet from her mother. She’s strong enough and brave enough to not give up in the face of me in battle.” “Big speech,” said Siegfried; “You don’t know his power. Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Now

338 Not even four times your strength can cope with His fierce power; don’t try it! This is my advice because of my devotion to you. Do not lay lifeless on the ground, May you not suffer disaster, for the reason of this love!”

Destan Episode 16 English Subtitle 339 “I will not give up, no matter how strong, to set out to take Brünhild. Whatever happens to me for the sake of her beauty, I took the risk. May God grant me to bring him with me to the Rhine.”

340 “Then I have counsel for you,” said Hagen, “ask this of Siegfried, May this work of power is undertaken with you; Since he knows so much about Brünhild.”

341 Khan did the same, he spoke: “Will you help me, valiant Siegfried, to get the Beautiful? Do what I wish, If it’s mine, that unique lady is at your command, my dear.” Destan Episode 16 English Subtitle

342 Replied Siegfried: “I do that; If you give me your sister, I will help you. What I want is the beautiful Kriemhild, the Han girl in the palace; I have no eye for any other reward you would give me for my help with you.” “I promise that,” said Gunther. “Siegfried, this is in your hands; If Brünhild comes to this country, I will give you my sister as a wife, Enjoy your life with the beautiful girl.”

344 After that, both brave men took an oath. But what ordeals they had to endure, until their ornaments were brought to the height of the Sultan Rhine. Yaman grieved, to do this.

345 I have heard rumors speak of many mad corrupt dwarves. They lived on a lofty mountain, and they wore it for protection. An astonishing object is called the Invisibility Vest. Whoever passes it on becomes invisible to his body.

346 Arrow and spear didn’t work on it either. But when that person was invisible to anyone, he could both hear everything and speak as he wished. His strength was also increasing a lot; That’s what I heard.

Destan 16 English Subtitle  Watch Free Of Cost | Turkey Tv Series
Turkey Tv Series | Destan 16 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost

Destan 16 English Subtitle 347 Siegfried took this cardigan with him; How hard he had taken it, once from the Dwarf Alberich’s hand. Then the braves were equipped to set off.

348 Putting on this cardigan, the valiant Siegfried gained enough strength to get the job done; The power of twelve men was being added to his own strength. He won, with the beautiful arrangement he set up for the beautiful woman.

349 On the other hand, it was made so that whoever entered this cardigan, could do anything he wished, other than be invisible. Thanks to that cardigan, he got Brünhild, but because of that, troubles came to him. “Tell me, Siegfried,” asked Han, “shall we take precautions before you set off, your glorious arrival there? Should the Horsemen come with us, to the land of Brünhild? I can collect two thousand horsemen immediately.”

351 Siegfried spoke. Brave valiant warrior! I have another suggestion for you. Destan 16 English Subtitle

352 Without an army, let’s sail down the Rhine, as the adventurous Gentlemen do. Whoever should come with us, I will say that too: Four people will go on the journey; us two, two more. That’s how she will be obtained, no matter what happens next.

353 Let me be one of the comrades, you the second, and Hagen the third, the probability of success increases.
Let’s take the valiant Dankwart as the fourth. Even two thousand men cannot afford to attack these comrades.”

354 “I’d like to know, too,” said Han. “Before we leave here, I should know, what robes should we take to wear in front of Brünhild? Tell me what kind of clothing looks good on you.”

Destan 16 English Subtitle 355 “The finest garment is worn in the land of Brünhild at all times. That’s why we should go out in flashy clothes, in front of the ladies. If we are not snored; our disguise is famous.

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Destan 16 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series



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