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Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free | Turkey Tv Series

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 19 Bangla Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 19 Bangla Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 19 English Subtitle It’s Free | Turkey Tv Series

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Destan 19 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series Watch All Episode

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free | Turkey Tv Series 509 Chained to the mace, seven thorny cannons, With it he struck on the left side of the daredevil’s shield, The shield almost shattered. The valiant guest was bored by this;

510 He swung away, his shield slashed on his left side, He immediately sheathed his longsword, He did not want to kill his treasure-keeper; He was protective of his people, his virtuous personality commanded him to do so.

511 With his mighty hands he sprang upon Alberich, He seized the old man by his gray beard, He pulled himself so hard that the dwarf barked; The pain of the young valiant had hurt Alberich.

512 The valiant dwarf cried out: “Don’t kill me; According to the oath I took to the Bey to whom I am dependent, I cannot bow to anyone else; If it wasn’t, this is the case, I’d be your addict for my entire life,” said the thoughtful private.

513 He tied Alberich as he did to the Giant, The dwarf was hurt by Siegfried’s power. He was finally able to ask, “Who are you?” saying; “I’m Siegfried, I thought you knew me well.” “I’m glad to hear that,” said the dwarf. “Now I learned, how are your affairs with your Bey, I realized that you are truly the Khan of your country. You spared my life; your every command is above my head.”

515 Then said the valiant Siegfried: “Be quick, Gather a thousand warriors and bring them to me from the best of the Nibelung men; Let them come and find me here!” But why did he want them all at once, he did not announce it to anyone.

516 He loosened the ties of Alberich and the giant, Quickly the dwarf went to the place where the valiant men were, He struggled with his soul and lifted him up from their sleep, many brave glad ones, He said, “Come on, valiants, we have to go to Siegfried.”

517 They jumped out of bed and got ready immediately. They came to where they saw Siegfried standing. They gave him a nice salute, and they did it respectfully.

518 Many candles were lit, and pure wine was served. Siegfried thanked them for their quick arrival, He said: “We’re going to go on a journey together, we’ll sail across the sea.” He immediately found brave and pure-hearted men ready for it.

519 Those who came quickly were at least three thousand; He separated the best thousand among them. With these he would go to the land of Brünhild; Each of them was given full equipment with Tolga. Destan 19 Bangla Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

520 “Listen, my horsemen, what I say now! Each of you should wear a magnificent cloak in the palace we went to; there, you know, you will come across many beautiful girls,
Therefore, your clothing should be flashy.”

521 One of the recruits spoke: “Is it believable, How do so many horsemen get there, What do they eat, what do they drink? Where can he find the clothes? You won’t be able to get this job done, even if it does, thirty countries are at your service.”

522 Whereas, You know, Siegfried was well-deserved. At his disposal was another Treasure of the Nibelungs besides his country. He brought it from there and gave a lot of gold to the soldiers.
He was not a small person, everyone bought a lot from him.

523 They got up early one morning and sailed to the sea; How quick they were, comrades of Siegfried! They took good horses and splendid clothes with them.

524 Many young girls were looking out the window; Mistress Sultan asked them: “Is there anyone among you who will come out to know who these valiant men who came to us from far away are? They have flamboyant sails on their ships, whiter than snow.”

525 Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free | Turkey Tv Series The Khan of the Rhine tribe took the word: “These are my men. I left them behind on the way out, I sent them an order, Mrs. Hatun, that’s why they came.” Everyone studied the noble guests carefully.

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It's Free Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free Turkey Tv Series

526 At that time Siegfried appeared, dismounted from the fore part of a ship, In splendid garments. Many soldiers followed. Ms. Sultan asked: “Yuce Khan, you have to tell me, should I say welcome to these guests or not?”[15]

527 “You should go and greet them with kindness,” Han said. Let them know how happy we are to see them.” She did as the Khan said, Hanım Sultan. Also, he was more respectful in greeting Siegfried.

528 Each of them was immediately provided with a place to sleep. Crowds were roaming all around because of the multitude of guests who came to the country. then now they want to return to Burgund province, the daredevils are expensive.

529 Lady Sultan commanded that when her father died, everything that was left to her as an inheritance should be distributed to everyone, whether foreign or known, many valuable valiants, with gold and silver, with many noble horses and cloaks.

530 He spoke and gave permission, also to the noble men of the Rhine, to take whatever they wish of his treasures to the province of Burgundy. The daredevil Hagen answered him:

531 “Very noble Lady Sultan, you heard it from me, there are many gold and many cloaks to be distributed to us in the Inn of the Rhineland. We would be right. If we don’t get anything from you; Let the gold stay here, the ornate garments.”

532 “Take it for my sake,” said the Hatun to him. “When I cross the Sea and reach the land of Gunther Han, my gifts that I will carry with me from here, out of my heart, twenty chests, some full of gold and some silk, to hand out with my own hand.”

533 Hanım Sultan added to her words: “To whom will my country be entrusted, We will decide this together, now, immediately, my Khan and I.” Noble Khan said: “Call him whoever you wish here; Let us entrust the country to him as steward.”

534 Hatun looked at one of the bravest standing near her; It was her own uncle. He commanded him: “He entrusts you with his forts and land, Gunther Khan, until he wills and takes power into his own hands.” Among the

535 lords he chose a thousand valiant, Along with those thousand valiant from the land of the Nibelung, that they might come with him to the Rhine. All equipped for the journey; they started on horseback to wander on the beach shore.

536 He took the eighty-six seated lady with him, Besides, at least a hundred young girls, all of them belle. They did not linger any longer, for they wanted to leave immediately. How they lamented and wept for those they left behind!

537 With their virtuous name, these ladies and girls left their country. They embraced the friend who came to say goodbye, They said goodbye and sailed to the sea. It was not possible for any of them to return to their ancestral homeland.

538 There was only fun in the sea voyage, They had plenty of opportunity to linger. While they caught a favorable wind, they left the country with peace of mind.

539 But Hanım Sultan did not want to marry Han during the journey; This revel has been postponed until after the arrival at the palace, to the festive festive wedding in Worms. They arrived at the palace happily and settled there with their variants.

540 It had been four days since their departure; Intrepid Hagen said: “Heed my word; We were late in conveying the news across the Rhine, we should have already sent messengers to Burgundy.”

541 Spoke Gunther Han: “You’re quite right. Fearless Bey, get ready for the journey, Look, the land has appeared; Are we going to find someone better than you on horseback to get out of there?” The brave man replied to this:

542 “You know, my dear Han, I can’t be a good messenger. Let me tell you, who can do it best: ask the noble Siegfried; Since you are in love with your sister, for her sake, she will not refuse your request.”

543 Khan summoned the valiant; he came to the presence immediately. Khan said: “We have come close to my country; I need to convey the news to my dear sister and mother;
Let them know that we are close.

544 Therefore I beg you, noble Siegfried, to make this journey. I know, my sister is very dear to you, as she is to me; All my valiant friends there will be overwhelmed with joy, when they get the news.”

545 Replied the daring Siegfried: “By your command, I will convey the news without delay to your beautiful sister. How could I hold back from it, when it fills my whole heart? Whatever you command that will make him happy will be fulfilled immediately.”

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It's Free Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free Turkey Tv Series

546 Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free | Turkey Tv Series “Tell my mother and sister that we returned very happy from this journey; Tell my brothers about our successes, Let my friends also learn the good news.

547 To my mother, sister, relatives, and friends, Don’t forget to send greetings from Brünhild with me; Tell each and every one of you how I have achieved all that my heart desires.

548 Tell my brothers, my comrades, Let them get ready for the festivities. Let it be announced to all gentlemen: Brünhild and I are going to have a big wedding there.

549 And tell my sister this: It is my wish that she will come and greet our beloved bride as soon as she hears that I have arrived in the country with my guests; He would make me sincerely grateful that he did so.”

550 The valiant daredevil took the detour with him from Brünhild, He set out, his heart rejoicing, towards Worms on the Rhine. He wouldn’t have been found for the post of messenger, better than that.

551 He entered the city on horseback, with twenty-four men beside him; Khan was not with them. When this news was heard, everyone started to wail, they thought that Han was dead in his foreign hands.

552 Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free | Turkey Tv Series Dismounted messengers, they are in good spirits; Since the two young Hans came running, right away. The courtiers completely dismantled the team. Gernot Han, who could not see Gunther, said:

553 “Welcome, noble stalwart! Let’s hear it from your mouth, where did you leave my Ağ’bey Han, and how? With the power of Brünhild, the soul flew from her skin, It burned, if that’s the case, we’re all beautiful Sultan!”

554 “You two great Khans, all the Beys in the bur! May you rest in peace; This time my comrade Han greets you all, I left him unharmed. He sent me as a messenger to convey the good news to you.

555 Adjust my sight as quickly as possible. I must convey to them the Words of the world-renowned Gunther Han.”

556 Ol said young Han Giselher: “You can go to our mother right away; He will be very happy to see you. My sister is also worried about the cause of my brother, See him quickly too.”

557 The brave said: “Whatever I can do to serve them, I will do it all from my heart. Who will tell the ladies that I am coming?” “I’ll take it on,” said the noble Giselher.

558 He went, head high, to his mother, he spoke; He also saw his sister in the women’s section: “The Lowland Khan has come to the palace, Siegfried, my elder brother Gunther Han, who has reached the Rhine, has sent him.

559 He brings us news about the situation of our Khan. You must allow him to come to you at the palace. We’ll learn from him, what happened in Iceland.” The noble ladies were still worried.

560 They ran to their cloaks. They dressed up; Destur gave Siegfried to come. He also loved it, because he was longing to see her. Dilber Kriemhild spoke to him amiably:

561 “Welcome, Mister Siegfried, commendable valiant! Where was my brother, rich Han? Has Brünhild’s power taken her soul? Oh I’m the weird girl! It would be better if I had not been born.”

562 He said the brave man: “I would like the traditional bread offered to the people of the pastime; You noble ladies. Have no worries; I left Gunther unharmed, let me tell you that. They ordered the beautiful Brünhild with him, they sent me a messenger.

563 They will be at your service with devotion. You wealthy Sultans in this country; you can hear from me. You cry in vain! They will be here very soon.” They had not received such good news for a long time.

Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It's Free Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 19 English Subtitle It’s Free Turkey Tv Series

564 With snow-white handkerchiefs, they wiped the tears from their eyes; they thanked the messenger valiantly for the good news he brought; Their crying in mourning has come to an end.

565 The messenger said to the valiant, “Here, sit down”; he was ready from yesterday to sit down. The young girl said: “You brought good news here. I wish I could give you how much gold I have as a reward; But you are already a very wealthy gentleman, my only eternal gratitude is all I can give.”

566 Yigit said, “Even though I dominate many countries, it would be more valuable to have received a gift from your hand.” “Well,” said the belle, “let’s do it as you said.” He summoned the Chief Treasurer to him.

567 He presented her with twenty-four rings adorned with precious stones. in Yigit it was enough in itself to receive a gift from his hand; He didn’t care about the rings. He handed them out immediately to the young girls in the room.

568 Destan 19 Bangla Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series Ana Sultan also thanked the valiant sincerely. Yigit said, “I have more to say; When he comes here, what would he wish you to do, Han, he said; He will always be grateful to you if you fulfill his wish.

569 Rich wants guests to be well received; When the ships reach the city of Worms and dock, he says that it should not be delayed to meet the river on horseback. That’s what your brother Khan said with so much confidence in you.”

570 The belle spoke: “I do this happily. I serve him in every way I can, With love and devotion; whatever they want now to be brought to its place.” flushed cheeks; because he was in love with the valiant he was talking to.

571 Hiç daha iyi ağırlanmamıştı bir Han ulağı. Az kalsın göze alacaktı dilber, ona bir öpücük kondurmayı; Öyle gelmişti içinden. Ayrıldı yiğit oradan, anlatılmaz keyifle; uydu Burgund’lar, onun dediklerine.

572 Sindold’la Hunold, bir de bahadır Rumold Durup dinlenmeden uğraştılar elde kalan zamanda Hisar dibinde ırmak kıyısına dizdirmek için izleyici sıralarını; Hep çalışıp durdular, saray hizmetkârları.

573 Varsıl Han’ın adamlarından Ortwein’la Gere Her yandaki dostlara haberci çıkardılar Orada yapılacak düğünü bildirmek için. Nice güzel hanım kız, girişti hazırlamaya süslü püslü urbalar.

574 Sarayın her yanına asıldı duvar halıları. Gunther Han taht’ının durduğu büyük orta boşluğu Dolduruldu masalar, koltuklarla, yabancı konukları şölende ağırlamak için. Herkes düğün şenliğini sevinçle bekliyordu.

575 Han’ın Atlı Bey’leri at sürüyorlardı ülkenin tüm yollarında; Geliyorlardı dönen Han’ı karşılamaya. Gelip karşılamaları için haber gönderilmişti onlara; Sandıklardan çıkarılıp alınmıştı, nice görkemli urba.

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Destan 19 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

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