Kurulus Osman 121
The episode begins with the practical application of one of the great virtues of Islam. After killing all the Mongols who invaded Ineshiha, some of the soldiers surrendered. Osman Bey immediately forbade them to behave in this way. He ordered them to be treated well. He instructed them to take care of the wounded place. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

He also announced their release in exchange for ransom. Most importantly, Osman Bey has the opportunity for any of them to come to Islam. This is the great principle and ideology of Islam. Islam also commands the treatment of prisoners. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Then came Baysungu’s Alp to Osman Bey. He reported that Aktemu bey Bengi sat in the head of hatun’s settlement. Upon hearing the news, Osman Bey called an emergency meeting in some angry voices. He also ordered Akatemur to appear there. When the news reached Aktemu’s bee, he came to attend the meeting.

Osman Bey wants to know about the people of Diwan. In response, all the begons pointed out some problems in front of Osman Bey. When asked about Aktemu Bey, he remains silent because he doesn’t know anything about it. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

So when he bows his head in response to Osman Ber’s question, he asks her to leave the meeting. In this way, Aktemu was humiliated in front of everyone and thrown out of the meeting. But there was another hidden motive behind it. And that is to conquer the Marmaracic fort when Naiman starts a war with Osman Bey with his entire army. And that’s why he used it in front of everyone so that news reached Naiman that Aktemur had been kicked out of Osman Be Diwan and his family.

Ismihan Sultan and Bala Hatun went to Sultan Alauddin and informed him of all the information of the Mongol army. In this way, Sultan Alauddin Wazir cut off the head of Sabsir. Bala Hatun then told Sultan Alauddin about Osman Ber’s various actions.
Bala Hatun seeks sultan Alauddin’s cooperation and his support. Sultan Alauddin Osman reiterated his support for bet. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Osman Bey went out to visit the market with Malhoon Hatun. There you can see the plight of the people with the eyes of the below. In the meantime, he spoke to a shopkeeper. He likes her. And then the shopkeepers, Osman Bey and Malhoon Hatun, invited them to iftar. Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun accepted the invitation of the banik. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Meanwhile, The Banik had a young son. He’s very intelligent and a driver. He recognizes Osman Bey. Because he had seen her a few days ago. He kept this a secret in himself. When Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun entered their house, the little boy came up to Osman Bey and told him that you are Osman Bey. I know you. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Osman Bey then greeted him and put his hand on his head. Osman Bey asks him if he told his parents about it. The little boy replied that he had not yet told his family.

Meanwhile, Nayman begins a special prayer to Marmaraji. Because his seal will come tomorrow. And in the power of this seal, all the Mongol armies will follow him. Then he will destroy the Turk named Osman.

Turgut bey goes to Talai to get the seal. When Turgut Bey goes to get the seal, he asks her to go alone. But Turgut Bey said he would not enter alone. Then the Mars commander got into an argument with him for some time. But in the end Turgut Bey reached Talai with all his Alps. But Nyman sent a letter to Talai earlier informing him. What will Benik’s body look like? So Turgut Bey kills him without giving him another chance.

Meanwhile, Binder leaves Bay locked up with a tree. But thanks to the weakness of the Alps, Binder Bay was able to leave. Meanwhile, after Aktemu was kicked out of the Diwan meeting, he told this to Bengi Hatun. Bengi Hatun gives Aktemur the courage and tells him that he will continue to work tirelessly in his position. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Bengi Hatun begs Aktemur to attack Marmaraji. Then Akatemur agreed.
Meanwhile, the funny scenes that are going on with Cherkutai and Olgen Hatun’s mother were present in this episode as well. In this episode, Olgen asks Hatun’s mother Cherkutai for help. And that’s a pretty smart boy for Olgen Hatun who he’ll make his daughter’s son-in-law. Cherkutai was really a little surprised to hear that. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

A major battle broke out between Osman Bey and Naiman’s forces. On the terms of that war, if Osman Bey loses because he is Naiman, then everyone will follow Naiman. And if Naiman loses, he will leave the Osman Ber area. In a field, first osman ber Konur Alp has a solo battle with a commander of the Mongol army, where Konur Alp wins. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Then there was a single battle between Turan Alp and another commander of the Mongol army, in which Turan Alp won. The last time Bayram Be had a solo battle with another Mongol commander. Bayram Bey was martyred there, as well as the Mongol commander. Then began a single war between Osman Bey and Naiman. And this episode ends with this scene. KURULUS OSMAN 122 ENGLISH SUBTITLES


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