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Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Episode 17 With English Subtitle Free To Watch

Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk English Subtitle Episode 17

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The Succession to Malikshah

Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk With Malikshah’s death, amirs and palace elites sought to assert power by promoting one of his youthful sons as sultan. Berkyaruq was no more than thirteen,10 Muhammad eleven11, and Mahmud four.

12 In contrast, the main adult claimant, Tutush, who had ruled Syria on Malikshah’s behalf, attracted little support from the Turkish military elites who increasingly emerged as major power brokers.

13 Initially, Malikshah’s wife Terken Khatun took control of his troops in Baghdad, securing their loyalty by disbursing huge sums of cash in secret and persuading them to swear the oath of allegiance to her son Mahmud, while also sending the amir Qiwam al- Dawla Kirbuqa to seize control of Isfahan for her and capture Berkyaruq.

She also persuaded the caliph to have the khu†ba said in Mahmud’s name and to appoint her favored candidates to key positions: the amir Onor to command the military, and Taj al- Mulk to the vizierate, in charge of civilian affairs and tax collection. She was, however, undone by her association with Taj al- Mulk, who was bitterly hated by the partisans of Nizam al- Mulk.

The latter’s private army of slave soldiers, known after him as the Nizamiyya, remained intact and held Taj al- Mulk responsible (probably, at least in part, rightly) for their master’s murder. The Nizamiyya thus gave their support to the adolescent Berkyaruq, and fighting broke out between the two sides. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Watch Now

14 By 488/1095, Berkyaruq seemed secure at least in Iran and Iraq. He had entered Baghdad and been recognized as sultan at the beginning of the previous year when he had also finally seized Isfahan, and in the meantime, all his rivals had been killed or died: the sickly infant Mahmud in Shawwal 487/October 1094, then Terken Khatun, and finally, Tutush himself, in battle on 16 Safar 488/25 February 1095.

15 Meanwhile, Malikshah’s brother, Arghun Arslan, sought to carve out for himself a realm in Khurasan. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Watch Now

16 Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Berkyaruq’s dispatch of an army under the nominal command of his ten-year-old brother Sanjar.

17 to restore his authority in the region was pre-e tempted by Arghun Arslan’s murder by a disgruntled slave in 490/1097.

18 Sanjar was established as a vassal ruler (malik) of Khurasan, where he was to reign for the next six decades, although Berkyaruq also came in person to the region, campaigning as far east as Tirmidhi, and confirming the Qarakhanids Sulayman- tegin and Mahmud- tegin in possession of Transoxiana as Seljuk vassals.

19 No sooner had Berkyaruq returned to the west, however, than a series of revolts broke out, including one involving another Seljuk prince, Dawlatshah.

20 Berkyaruq’s name started to be omitted from coins struck at Nishapur, signaling the gradual collapse of the sultan’s authority in Khurasan. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Watch Now

21 Preoccupation with these internal threats explains why the arrival of the First Crusade in Syria in 1097 met with little response from Berkyaruq, despite their siege of Antioch and the brutal sacking of Ma‘arrat al-N u‘man, an atrocity allegedly accompanied by acts of cannibalism.

22 Furthermore, Berkyaruq would have felt little desire to help the Syrian Seljuks, the sons of his erstwhile rival Tutush. These had themselves now split into the warring parties of Ridwan in the north and his brother Duqaq in Damascus, manipulated by their respective atabegs Janah al-D awla and Tughtegin, for both Seljuk princes were still youths.

23 Almost exactly as the Crusaders finally broke into Syria in September 1097, Ridwan – who had thrown off the tutelage of Janah al-D awla – went so far as to drop Berkyaruq’s name from the khu†ba, instead proclaiming his loyalty to the Fatimid caliphate. Although the step was rescinded after a few weeks, the sources continue to accuse Ridwan of a dubious association with the Ismailis, perceived by Sunnis as arch heretics. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk

24 Syria was a sideshow, however. The real challenge Berkyaruq faced was the rebellion of his half-brother Muhammad in 492/1098–9. The impetus for revolt apparently came from Nizam al- Mulk’s son Mu’ayyid al- Mulk, who had previously served Berkyaruq and was credited with the latter’s defeat of Tutush. After dismissal from Berkyaruq’s service, he managed to get him- self-appointed as Muhammad’s vizier, a position which he proceeded to use to avenge himself on his enemies, doubtless helped by Muhammad’s comparative youth – he would have been around 17 years old at the time.

25 The notable families of Isfahan and the Nizamiyya decided to throw their weight behind Muhammad (known as Tapar, ‘he who obtains’), barring Berkyaruq from the city.

26 The fragility of Berkyaruq’s regime is striking, for Muhammad seems to have little difficulty in advancing south from his base at Ganja in the Caucasus to seize Rayy, while the defection of the long-serving shiªna of Baghdad, Sa‘d al-D awla Gawhara’in, meant that city too recognized the new sultan.

27 It would be wearisome to detail every clash between the two sides over the next five years. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Watch Now

28 Yet despite Berkyaruq’s weakness, Muhammad was unable to gain a decisive victory, with defections swinging the advantage from one side to another, and Baghdad changed hands repeatedly. Even the intervention of Sanjar – who hated Berkyaruq. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk

29 – on Muhammad’s side could not secure the final victory. Nonetheless, Berkyaruq’s position was weakening, as is attested by the increasing number of mints striking coins in the names of Muhammad, and in 497/1104, Berkyaruq recognized that his money was exhausted and that the prolongation of hostilities served only the interests of his amirs, and sued for peace. The ensuing agreement allotted to Muhammad southern Iraq, northern Iran from the Caspian to the Bab al- Abwab, the Diyar Bakr, Mosul, and Syria, while Baghdad and the rest of Iran, including Muhammad’s stronghold of Isfahan, went to Berkyaruq, who recognized Muhammad as sultan over the territories he controlled.

30 Whatever was agreed on paper most likely did not reflect the reality. By the time of his death the following year, no mints in the central Islamic lands were mentioning Berkyaruq as the legitimate sovereign on their coinage issues,31 suggesting his rule was not recognized even in theory on the ground. Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk Watch Now

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Turkish Shows Alparslan Buyuk Seljuk English Subtitle Episode 17


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