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Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle Episode 21 | Turkey Tv Series

Barbaroslar Episode 21 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

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Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle


It was one of the worst disasters in the storm-clouded history of the North African coast. Hundreds of men were drowned and over twenty ships were total wrecks. Others which lurched ashore were captured by the waiting Turks; their crews and soldiers were seized and sent to the slave quarters. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

One huge car-rack, we learn, was “full of soldiers, and officers and … many persons of distinction … Her equipage might have been all saved had they held out until the storm abated, when the galleys returned to pick up what they could.” Kheir-ed-Din, however, went down in person and sent a flag of truce to them requesting the surrender of their ship. They agreed to his terms.

But when they disembarked it was only with difficulty that Barbarossa and his Turks prevented them from being killed by the Moorish cavalry. Morgan quotes an anecdote concerning this event which has all the true flavour of Kheir-ed-Din’s personality. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Having saved the Spaniards from’ the undisciplined fury of the Moors, he asked them whether they themselves agreed that “persons of rank and distinction should always stand to their agreements?” Upon the Spaniards replying that such was certainly the case, he asked them why it was that, after the battle in which his brother had lost his life, the Turks who had agreed to submit and lay down their arms had been massacred to a man.

“Why,” he asked, “did your General break his word with the Turks to whom he promised life and liberty and, with all their baggage, free leave to go where they pleased, and yet they were all killed?” “By Arabs, My Lord,” they replied, “but not by Spaniards.” “So would my Moors infallibly have served every mother’s son of you,” replied Kheir-ed-Din, “had I not given positive orders to the contrary.

But to convince you that I am more a gentleman and man of honour than your faithless General, and mind my word somewhat better, I also promised you life and liberty. The first you actually enjoy; and the other you may, likewise, enjoy whensoever you think fit to purchase it, every one according to his abilities. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Whereas all the wealth in Africa would not restore to me one of my slaughtered friends. Let your present servitude and future ransoms make some small atonement for their loss. And from henceforward let this be a warning for every one to have a greater regard to his word of honour. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

” As a side issue, this anecdote raises an immediate question— in what language did Kheir-ed-Din speak to his Spanish prisoners? We have it on record that he spoke fluent Spanish with a Castilian lisp. Naturally he spoke Turkish; he also spoke Greek, Arabic, French (“well enough to create the belief that he was a native”), and Italian. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

The wreck of the fleet, coupled with the considerable loss of life among the troops, was a sad setback to Charles’s hopes of exterminating the “Barbary pirates” and clearing his sea lanes. By the following year he was too occupied with events in Europe and with his long-drawn struggle with Francis I of France to concern himself with North Africa.

Admiral Hugo de Moncada, meanwhile, had scudded northward with his depleted and damaged fleet to winter in Ibiza. Kheir-ed-Din, contemplating the plunder and the wrecked shipping and the new slaves in the slave market could afford the luxury of a smile. He did not rest easy on his laurels, however, but continued to work on the defences of his city. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

In the spring he would summon in the galleys and galleots from their winter refits. The crescent flag of the Sublime Porte would shake above his ships along the coastlines of Christendom. The Kingdom of Algiers was now established. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Soon Kheir-ed-Din would make himself master of the sea and, ultimately, High Admiral of the Ottoman Empire. With his base secured behind him, he would display that genius for naval warfare which entitles him to a high place among the great commanders of all time.


“Kheir-ed-Din, notwithstanding his being Sovereign, as it were, of so many States, never failed, once, or oftener in a year, going out on a cruise with his galleots . . It was upon this powerful platform of plunder that Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa would consolidate his gains and finally ensure that the kingdom founded by his brother would endure for centuries. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

But, whereas Aruj had been primarily a fighting man, his younger brother was first and foremost a seaman, and—unusual for a sailor—a statesman. His sea life is incomprehensible without some understanding of the world in which he lived. Like his great rival, Andrea Doria of Venice, he was a soldier as well as a sailor (the close-cut distinction between the one and the other did not really evolve until the eighteenth century).

It was, however, as a seaman that Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa made his mark upon the world. It was as a captain, or rais, of galleys and later as an admiral in charge of them that he transformed the Mediterranean. “There was always a total difference,” wrote Admiral Jurien de la Graviere, “between the Navy of sail and the Navy of the oared galley.

There is nothing in common between these vessels.” In fact, there was an almost totally uninterrupted tradition between the galleys of ancient Greece and those of Louis XIV of France. Certainly in the sixteenth century the methods of ma-nouvre, the conditions of life, and the tactics of warfare had changed very little.

Navigation methods had definitely improved; so also had the “weight-for-power” ratio of the galleys. No longer were they the complicated two-, three-, or even four-deckers of the classical world. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

To Be Continue………

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