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Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle Episode 19 | Turkey Tv Series

Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Barbaroslar 19 English Subtitle

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Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitle


Among those who contributed galleys to the fleet were the Knights of St. John, the Pope, the Kingdom of Naples, Monaco, and Spain, while Fernando de Gonzaga and Andrea Doria brought their own fleets, seven galleys in the case of Gonzaga, and fourteen galleys from Genoa under Doria. This, then, was no raid, no simple replenishment of the Spanish garrison on the island of Algiers, but a deliberate attempt to drive the Turks out of North Africa. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Unfortunately, as was so often the case in those days (and indeed it is far from unknown in modern military and naval planning), the organization of so large an enterprise took a great deal longer than the planners had anticipated. High midsummer, when the great bay of Algiers burns under the eye of the sun and when little more than land and sea breezes distract the surface of the water, would have been the ideal time to launch the attack. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle The great galleys could have swaggered down easily from the embarkation port of Barcelona, while the transports could have inched their way southwards over a placid sea. But the weeks went by, and still there were delays. German and Italian troops had not yet arrived; galleys were held up by accidents or by the slowness of dockyards; and Spanish cavalry had to be withdrawn from Sicily, transported across the Mediterranean, disembarked for recuperation, and then re-embarked again. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

The mustering of an army and the transport of men, munitions, and cavalry by galleys and slow sailing vessels were among the main problems of military commanders in those days.
All this activity in the Mediterranean, and on the coast and in the seaports of Spain, could hardly have gone unnoticed by Kheir-ed-Din. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle Both he and his Turkish lieutenants recognized that if they had escaped attack the previous year, they must certainly be prepared for it in the near future. The money which had been extracted from the unwilling chief citizens of Algiers was spent on arms and ammunition and on reinforcing the city’s defenses. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle Throughout the long summer the galley slaves, relieved from their duties at the oar (for no expeditions were planned for this year), toiled under the harsh sun constructing walls and building that fortress which Kheir-ed-Din had decided would one day dominate not only the Bay of Algiers but the townsfolk themselves. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

He had also decided in view of the naval forces being prepared against him that this was certainly no time to risk a naval engagement. His galleots were excellent for their task, but as unsuitable against large war galleys as destroyers would be against heavy cruisers. Watch Barbaroslar With an English Subtitle. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Some were sent away to Djerba, others scattered up and down the coast in friendly ports like Djidjelli, while only a limited number were kept beached outside Algiers to provide an escape route for the Turks if things went against them. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Although there is no evidence to show that such was the case, there is a possibility that Kheir-ed-Din had received from the Sultan riot only a recognition of his overlordship of the Algerian coastline, but also some military assistance. This may have been no more than a token force of janissaries, sent to show that Selim regarded the Beylerbey of Algiers as worthy of a ruler’s escort. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

Both Morgan and Lane-Poole have it that “the Sultan sent a guard of two thousand Janissaries to his viceroy’s aid, and offered special inducements to such of his subjects as would pass westwards to Algiers and help to strengthen the Corsair’s authority …’’ To judge from the Turkish reaction to the threat to their city, one may indeed believe that they had received substantial reinforcements. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

The year before, when threatened by a far smaller force under the Marquis of Comares, they had seriously considered abandoning the city. Yet this year, when threatened by the full might of Spain and by the sea power of Genoa as well as other Christian powers, there seems to have been no question but that the Turks willingly accepted the prospect of a siege. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle. Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle The summer was nearly gone when “His Catholic Majesty … sent the Armada expressly to drive the Turks from that country; which he presumed might easily be effected since the defeat and death of the Arch-Corsair Barbarossa.” Unfortunately for the King and for his troops, ships, and seamen, a greater leader than the first Barbarossa confronted them. But the greatest enemy of all was to prove the weather, which on the Algerian coastline is always a potential enemy to ships and sailors once the summer calm has broken.

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle Warning the modern navigator about this treacherous part of the sea, the Admiralty Pilot writes: “Off the coast of Algeria, the winds set in from westward, as a rule, increasing to gale force with the passage of the cold front of the depression and the accompanying shift to northwesterly or north-north-westerly; in these parts, the gales are frequently preceded by a heavy swell from northward, and their onset is accompanied by characteristic cold-front cloud and thunderstorms with heavy rain.

From time to time, after the gale has moderated, the north-westerly winds back again towards westerly with the approach of secondary cold fronts, and the gale is renewed …” In vain had Admiral Hugo de Moncada and his other captains warned Charles against the weather to be expected so late in the year. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

In vain had they pleaded with him to postpone the expedition until the following spring. As the great fleet hove in sight, running down from the northwest into the Bay of Algiers, the native Algerians began to take to their heels. They started hiding their valuables in wells and cisterns, loading their womenfolk and children aboard horses and donkeys, and bringing the life of the city to a standstill. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

But if they were frightened of the advancing enemy, they were even more frightened of their Turkish ruler and his troops. Kheir-ed-Din did not hesitate to warn all potential refugees and looters that immediate execution would be their fate unless they did exactly as he told them. They were to remain in the city and carry on life as normal. He and his troops would protect them against the Spaniards. Remembering the previous executions, they obeyed. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle It was St. Bartholomew’s Day, August 24, when the fleet arrived off the harbor of Algiers. The northerly swell lifting under their sterns as they came to anchor should have warned the captains of the ships. Perhaps, indeed, it did, but they had little option other than to obey Charles’s commands—land the troops, seize Algiers, and exterminate the Turks. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

Some of the troops had even got ashore—to be attacked immediately by Barbarossa’s men—when the storm broke. The wind came out of the north. The waves, which had been building up all the way from the Gulf of Lions, began to burst in rolling fury as they met the North African shore: the first major obstacle in over four hundred miles of open water. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

Watch Barbaroslar With English Subtitle Anchors dragged, cables broke, ships collided, carports burst under the weight of water, and heavy transports encumbered by the gross windage of their high sterns were flung shorewards by wind and sea. Soon the invasion fleet was scattered up and down the coast. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

The war galleys hauled themselves laboriously offshore under the groaning labor of their slaves and the crack of the overseers’ whips, but there was little hope for the galleasses and the sailing ships. The angry shore claimed them—and the Turks waited around the foam-fringed rocks and murderous sandbanks to kill and capture, to loot and to destroy. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

To Be Continue………

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  3. […] In that old haunt of the Barbarossas, the island of Djerba, there are still trading and fishing vessels in commission which differ little from the galleots—except that the main emphasis now is on the sails, and only a few oars are shipped to help make harbor in a calm. Now that Kheir-ed-Din had control of so much of the Algerian coastline and hinterland he had as much wood as was needed for the construction of an efficient fleet. Tv Series Barbaroslar Click Here […]


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