AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Such a large explosion in the city killed many Christian people and injured many others. Everyone was in a bit of pain, but Akina Hatun fainted after being hit on the head. An investigation was launched on the orders of Alp-Arslan Bay.

Meanwhile, Count Leon, who was torturing Avar Bay a lot, made a big hole in Avar Bay and buried it on the ground and just put his head on the ground. Aver Cuts Bey’s big hair and makes it bald, and puts a camel skin on her head.

So that he could feel the heat in his head. And he drinks a drink by which his wisdom can be absorbed. And then, in his ear, Count Leon simply says, “You will kill Sultan Alp-Arslan.” With that said, Count Leon was trying to put the word in Aver Bay’s head. AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Count Leon executes another plan, which is to create another man who looks like Aver Bay and hand him the weapons of Aver Bay, and order him to attack the Seljuk small villages, and he does so. As a result of these attacks, Christians began to think of Muslims as tyrants. And where the man attacks, he declares that he will kill sultan Al-Arsalan’s bay, Avar Bay, if taxes are not collected. AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

When the matter came to the sultan’s ears, he sent Artuk Bay and Afsin Bay for investigation. When they followed him, they attacked another village and saw him from behind. And they think it’s actually Aver Bay. But later they believed in their brother and claimed themselves wrong.

They chase back again and when he attacks the third village they catch him but they lose to his strength. Later, while he was taking Aver Bay and Afsin Bay captive, the man fell into a trap and was caught. The man was brought before Sultan Alp-Arsalan, al-Arsalan Bey ordered to take him to the city and interrogate him.

Meanwhile, Alp-Arsalan Bey convened a meeting and discussed, and he decided that he would attack Anne. So he ordered them to prepare for it.

Meanwhile, Count Leon makes a plan for how to hold the Seljuks for some time with little work to do with his wall work, the plan being that he asks Bagrat to go to Surmari with an army, so that he can also hold the Seljuks for some time. And he can remove the thorns in his path. Because he knows that if Bagrat goes to Surmari, he will be attacked by Al-Arsalan.AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

When the sultan heard the news that Bagrat was advancing towards Surmari, he left with his army there. And on reaching Surmari, Sultan Al-Arsalan invited Bagrat to convert to Islam. But when he refused, he attacked, broke open the door and entered and won a major battle. and imprisoned Bagrat. On his return, Sultan Alp-Arsalan prepared to attack Annie. AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Count Leon orders his soldiers in the Seljuk hospital to execute another plan, to kill Bishkopos Yorgo, because he did not die in the explosion, but before executing this plan, they are given another task, which is to burn the church in the city of Re, they do so. They burned the church, and upon learning of this, Seferi Hatun came to the spot and started an investigation, he inquired and found out that the two slaves who came to the hospital with the poor people were the last to come here.AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Then Cefere Hatun recalls a reference to Alp-Arsalan Bay, where Alp-Arsalan Bay says “the night Avar Bay escaped.” The two of them were in jail that night. They are likely to do this. Don’t take your eyes off them. Sefere Hatun realized it was their job.

Then he ran to the hospital because he knew they wanted to kill Bishkopos Yorgo. He went and saw that they really wanted to kill him. He was caught a traitor when he appeared in time. and Bishkopos Yorgo survived.AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Alp-Arsalan set out with his forces to attack Beni. He and his army went in front of the fort and saw a huge wall. Which looked like it couldn’t be broken. But as Sultan Alp-Arslan gave a hand gesture, an explosive cracked in the wall, and the wall broke into pieces in the middle. watch more

When the scene changes, we see that the engineer who originally built the wall was a Seljuk spy. This engineer filled it with explosives while making it. So that as soon as the ammunition is killed, the wall collapses. And after the wall collapsed, Alp-Arslan and his army rushed to attack as Kizel Elma spoke. That’s when the volume ends. AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

With these events, Alp-Arsalan Buuk Seljuklu Vol. 55 ends, as we’ll see in the next episode, will Annie win? Will Avar Bay survive? Will Aver Bey come to kill the Sultan? Will Bishkopos Yorgo wake up and testify? more

AlpArsalan Buuk Seljuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles




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