ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILY TV. At the beginning of episode 49 of Alp Arsalan Episode 49, the eyes of the audience came to tears. Tekfur’s troops attempted to kill Seferia Hatun and her associates. During this time, Takefur hits Ceferia Hatun in the stomach, injuring him severely. In order to take revenge, Alp Arsalan cut off Takefur’s hand. Then he killed Tekfur.

All the soldiers of Tekfur were killed by the Alps of Alp Arsalan Bay. Seferia Hatun was rushed to the Sultan’s palace as he suffered serious injuries. However, Alp Arslan Bay was against this decision. Then, as Ceferia Hatun’s injuries were very serious, she was best taken to Hekim, and Selchan’s mother, Seferia Hatun, was taken to Hekim in the Sultan’s palace. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILY TV

Hekim stopped reading his blood. Then he was served in various ways and he continued to recover. When Suleiman Bay learns that Seferia is coming to hatun palace. Then The Vizier Amirul Mulk advised Suleiman Bay not to allow Seferia Hatun to leave the palace, because if this Ceferia Hatun were to be taken hostage. Then it will be easier to bring Alp Arsalan Bay to the palace. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILYTV

There is trouble from the palace when Selchan goes to leave with his mother Seferia Hatun . Suleiman Bay forbade them to leave the palace. But Selchan wanted to get out with his mother Seferia Hatun . Selchan’s mother then said something to Suleiman Bay, which raised questions about the personality of Suleiman Bay. So Suleiman Bay was forced to let them out of the palace. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILYTV

Melik agreed to give Suleiman Bay Count Leon a city. But Wazir doesn’t want that to happen in any way. He does not want to give even a single piece of land of the Seljuk state to anyone . So he secretly informed Selchan’s mother about this news. So that he could convey the news to Alp Arsalan Bee. When Alp Arslan Bay learned that Suleiman Bay was passing through the city of Leon, he reported the news to Kutalmish Bay. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYI FAMILY TV

When Kutalmish Bay is informed, Kutalamish Bay cannot accept this. So he took an oath to defend the city in alliance with Alp Arsalan Bay . He fell into the trap that Leon fell into through Arbascan Bay . Because Arbascan Bay came out of the fort with soldiers. But by then, the soldiers of Alp Arsalan Bay had all entered the fort. When Leon attacked Durg, Alp Arsalan Bay came out of the fort. Leon was shocked to see this.

He realizes it’s a trap. Then he is even more surprised when he sees Kutalmish Bay and Alp fighting against him along with Arsalan . Then he stepped back. But turning back, he first stabbed Arbaazkan Bay in the stomach to kill him . Arbaazkan quickly takes Beck to Hekim . And Leon returns to the castle of Takefur. Leon has been appointed head of the fort since Takefur’s death . Leon vows to avenge this betrayal. And he started his new plan .

Qutalmish planned to attack the palace to capture the city of Bay Ray. But this plan was foiled by Wazir Amirul Mulk. Kutalmish Bay is defeated by his clever wit. Drums full of ammunition were placed around the entire palace so that everyone could be destroyed at once . After examining the poison and informing him of the Alpra of Kutalmish Bay, Kutalmish Bay withdrew from the decision to attack. KAYI FAMILY

After killing all the soldiers of Tekfur, the soldiers of Alp Arsalan Bay brought the city of Genza under their rule. They then stayed in the city of Genza, while Seferia returned to Vasporakan, the Selchan mother, along with Hatun. Seferia Hatun is placed under Hekim’s care , while Leon continues to put pressure again by not allowing Flora to come to Suleiman. However, Flora goes into hiding near Suleiman’s house. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILYTV

Flora repeatedly persuaded Suleiman Bay to leave the palace . Flora is afraid of Alp Arsalan Beck. So he convinced Suleiman Bay to get out of this politics and go somewhere far away. Suleiman Bay did not answer his words . Flora refers to Suleiman Bay and says, ‚Äúthis throne will one day call us to die, so it is better to leave it and leave”. Don’t try. So he consoles Flora by hugging her in maya’s bandhan.

Melik Suleiman Bay then tells Flora that she is ruling as ordered by her uncle Sultan Tughrul. So there is nothing to be afraid of. He will make arrangements so that Alp Arsalan does not come to the palace. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILYTV

Meanwhile, Alp Arsalan goes to Seferia Hatun . Everyone comes back to Vasporacan. When Alp Arsalan Bay sees Ceferia , he realizes that the child in their womb may not be there anymore. Then he asked Seferia Hatun . Ceferia Hatun informs Alp Arsalan that their son is no more. His son could not be saved due to the stomach injury. So i request you not to be sad about it. In response, Alp Arsalan thanked Allah. ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILYTV

ALPARSLAN BUYUK SELCUKLU EPISODE 50 | KAYIFAMILYTV. Trust in God for everything. His soldiers , including Alp Arsalan Bay, were trapped in the trap while trying to solve the problem of Alp Arsalan Bay with Qutalmish Bay. It was a trap of thieves. It was built in Kutalmish Bay so that the soldiers of Alp Arsalan Bay could not reach . And this episode ends with this scene.



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