KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

Volume 54 Review!

ALPARSALAN Bey received news that Kavurt Bey had been killed in Shiraz. So he ran to Shiraz. When he arrived, he saw a body hanging from shiraz’s door. He thinks from a distance that it is Kavurt Bay, but goes ahead and sees that it is Amir Fazliya. Amir Fazliya stands on it at Kavurt Bay.

He arrived and welcomed Sultan ALPARSALAN. The Sultan went inside the Alp-Arsalan palace and asked about the situation from Cavurt Bay? And who ordered it? Cavurt Bey laid out plans in advance and lied to a commander in Shiraz. KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, we see how Fazlia was murdered in the place of Kavurt Bay. While Fazlia was about to kill Cavurt Bey, the commander who lied to Sultan ALPARSALAN. He hits Fazlia’s hand. And there was a fight. Which ends with the killing of Fazliya.

Meanwhile, members of the Christian community were very angry about Aver Bay. They demanded justice. The woman who slandered Gemma continued to offend people even more. Aver Bay was taken into custody. Kayifamily TV ALPARSALAN BUYUK SELJUKLU 55

Meanwhile, When Count Leon gets the news that Jato is what he calls Kaku. Count Leon was a little relieved to hear that Jato had been imprisoned. But don’t think of a plan at the same time. And that’s count Leon going to kill Jato in jail and put his blame on Aver Bay. That would force Aver Bay to flee prison. And as soon as he escapes, Christians will become even more angry. With that, a major riot will begin.

Sultan ALPARSALAN took charge of Erbazakan Bey in Shiraz and set off for the city of Re with Cavurt Bey and his son Mardan. But suddenly Sultan Alp-Arsalan was attacked. He was arrowed in his hand. When Kavoort Bey followed the attackers, we found that they were actually from Kavurt Bey.

In other words, he was the one who attacked Sultan Al-Arsalan. Alp-Arsalan Bay followed Cavurt Bay. While Cavurt Bey was talking to the attackers, When Sultan Alp-Arsalan came to appear, Cavurt Bey killed his own people. In this way he won the trust of Sultan Alp-Arsalan. KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

A man was following Hatun. It is later revealed that he is a shehzada of the Karakhanlids. His name is Nasser. His other brother rebelled against him. He wants to kill her, so Sephore comes to ask for help from Hatun. But Sefere Hatun told him he couldn’t help her but pray. As a result, he had to go back. But on the way he was attacked, and when the news reached Hatun’s ears, he went there and saved him from the enemy.

Appear before Nasser Sultan ALPARSALAN. He opened everything up. And we learn that his brother whose name is Khidir Shah. He was provoked to rebel mainly by Cavurt Bay.

Meanwhile, Count Leon had deliberately put some of his soldiers into the helpless. They entered the palace. And it goes according to plan. They are tasked with killing Jato. And they needed to go to jail to fulfill this responsibility. So they killed and went to jail.

Meanwhile, Sefere Hatun tells Jato about his crime and says that the punishment is death. And if you want to avoid it, you will tell the truth in court. Aver will free Beck.
Jato is ready to do so out of fear. Kayifamily TV ALPARSALAN BUYUK SELJUKLU 55

Meanwhile, Count Leon’s troops went into duty to execute their plans. They came out of jail at night and killed Jato. and killed the Seljuk soldiers. They wear their clothes. Aver gets Beck out of jail. He went unconscious and left. At night, Sultan Alp-Arsalan dreamed that Aver Bay was being hanged and that Count Leon was being hanged.

In the morning, Sultan Alp-Arsalan went to jail to investigate the matter. The Christian people surrounded him. And it demands a fair trial. Sultan Alp-Arsalan went to jail and found Jato’s body lying there. And he gets a key with an inmate in a prison so he is taken for questioning. He was beaten up a lot but he claimed innocence. Because he’s really innocent. The key inside his prison was inserted by Count Leon’s soldiers.

Meanwhile, we see Count Leon keeping the helpless people busy in the construction of the wall. And torturing them.The woman that Sultan Alp-Arsalan slandered. He plans to play a game with her to find out her secret. Kayifamily TV ALPARSALAN BUYUK SELJUKLU 55

He wrote a letter. And sent it to the woman. Meanwhile, the soldiers behind him were not removed. The woman read the letter. The letter read “Come to the fort as if no one sees it”.

The woman received the letter and thought it had been sent by Count Leon. So he went to the castle. And after that woman, Sultan Alp-Arsalan deliberately sent Yorgo, the bride of the Christians. In doing so, he became a witness with his own eyes. When the woman went in front of Count Leon. KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

The count and the woman realize that this is sultan al-arsalan’s game. County Leon then killed the woman. And it was already said by Sultan Alp-Arsalan Yorgo. And this makes it clear to Yorgo that the woman is essentially a game planned by Count Leon. He wants to be on the truth so he tells the truth to the public.

Meanwhile, Khidir Shah is not preparing for war and sultans Alp-Arsalan and Nasser go to the Karakhanli. On the way, they fell into the trap of Khidir Shah. And a fight ensued. Where Sultan Alp-Arsalan and Nasser won. and Khidir Shah was imprisoned by Shehzada Naser. And imprisoned him for life. Sultan Alp-Arsalan taught Shehzada Nasser the Khilat and appointed the Karakhanlis as their chief. KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

The next day the court was held in the town of Ray. Where the qazi does not get the woman who testified against the criminal and the criminal. And using this opportunity, the infidels make another plan. He imprisoned a man’s child and wife. And threatened to kill them and tied a bomb to the man’s body. and tells them to detonate the bomb in court.

And to say this before the bomb explodes. “What Aver Bay has done has rarely happened. All the Christians in the whole world will die one by one. This will make everyone understand that he is a Turk and that he belongs to Sultan Al-Arsalan.

This will give everyone confidence in the Seljuk state and lead to a major murder. The guy does what he’s told and there’s a big explosion. Many people were injured and killed. And Sultan Al-Arsalan is also wounded, but Hatun is not shown in Seferi. KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles

It is through these events that Alp-Arsalan Buuk Seljuklu Vol. 54 concludes. And we’re going to get answers in the next volume, volume 55, whether Sultan Al-Arsalan lost anyone close to him in the explosion. Is Yorgo the last witness alive?

KayifamilyTV AlpArsalan 55 English Subtitles


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