At the beginning of the episode, Karasi Ber ends up misunderstanding Osman Ber. Karasi Bey ordered the imprisonment of Aktemur Bey. Osman Bey opposed this order, but he later accepted it. Aktemur Bey was captured and imprisoned. Binder Bey enters the room at this point. Then came Ismihan Sultan. KURULUS OSMAN 116 ENGLISH SUBTITLES ON KAYIFAMILYTV

Ismihan Sultan came and heard everything. Then he says that the murder did not happen. This is the work of a traitor. He then orders the Alps to bring forth the traitor. Then all the Alpas were surprised because he was Ismihan Sultan’s associate Abji. Qarasi Bey wants to take him away from Ismihan Sultan. wants to kill him.

But Ismihan Sultan stopped Karasi Bey. Osman Bey then asked to prove why he was being called a traitor. Then Ismihan received a letter from Aozi’s pocket with the signature of the Mongol commander on the order of the Sultan. Usul gets the same signed letter from Ber Jama. Then Osman was a little surprised by the poison. KURULUS OSMAN 116 ENGLISH SUBTITLES ON KAYIFAMILY TV

Why is Ismihan doing so much? So Osmanbe assigned Boran Alp to follow them. Boran Alp sent some soldiers to follow them.Baisungur Bey and his alpa find that Aoji Bey is not dead. Aoji pretends to be dead and escapes from Karasi Ber. Ismihan Sultan was behind this plan. Because he wants to save Aktemur. Because Aktemur wants to make a settlement. Aoji tells Bey to hide in the nest.

Baysungur Bey informs Osman Bey that Awzi is alive. Then Osman Ber’s suspicions came true. Osman Bey immediately sent Turgut Bey to capture him. When Turgut Bey tried to catch him, Jalal Alp shot an arrow and killed Awji Bey. KURULUS OSMAN 116 ENGLISH SUBTITLES ON KAYIFAMILYTV

Because of which Turgut Bey brought the dead body to Osman Ber. In this way, Osman Bey cannot know the secret behind this incident. Osman invited all the Vedas, including Bey, to the sogu. The meeting will be about how to resist the invasion of the Mongols. All come out. They start consulting. Finally Osman Bey comes and says that whatever you are planning will not work at all. If you plan like this, you will have to admit defeat for sure. KURULUS OSMAN 116 ENGLISH SUBTITLES ON KAYIFAMILY TV

Ismihan Sultan felt insulted by Osman Bey’s words. Other members of the congregation did not agree with him and he was thrown out of the meeting. At this time Osman Bey came to the settlement. Arriving at Basati, he finds that Orhan Bey is ill. The poison spread from the wound of the sword in Orhan Bey’s whole body. Due to this, his whole body became paralyzed. So he stays in bed all day. Seeing this situation, Osman Bey encouraged him so that Orhan Bey would not be upset.

But Orhan Bey began to suffer greatly. He continues to feel burdened because now he cannot move. He can’t hold a sword. He cannot go on expeditions with the Alps. Seeing this situation, Alauddin Bey brought a sword and gave it to Malhun Hatun and told him that I am responsible for this problem of my brother. My blood is lawful for you.

Then Malhun Hatun hugs him and says father it is someone’s conspiracy. If someone wanted to kill, he would have killed him. But the conspirator wants her to live and suffer. It’s not your fault dad. Alauddin Bey imprisoned his elder brother Orhan Bey with his head on his chest. Most of the viewers are bound to have tears in their eyes after seeing this scene of suffering.

Osman Bey Orhan began to pray to God to get out. When he finished praying, Shaykh Edeb Ali gave him some advice. He was told that Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) would have to endure many hardships on this path. Didn’t you know that many sorrows await on this path? Osman Bey replied that the Shaykh did not know. I’m having a lot of trouble. I can’t bear to see my son lying in bed in front of me.

Then Shaykh consoled Osman Bey. Shaykh said we Muslims will always say Alhamdulillah no matter what state we are in Osman Ber’s mind calmed down a bit. He Hugs Osman Bey Shaikh and calms his mind. BMeanwhile, Naiman, the commander of the Mongol army, arrived. Ismihan went to Sultan and asked them to call their commander Then Ismihan Sultan said, “Tell me what I have to say here.”

Naiman then gets angry and tells the woman to step aside. Call Osman. But Osman Bey has already been kicked out of the army If you don’t call Osman Bey, Naiman says you are a nation of fools. Do not understand who should be made a leader. This is the reason for your downfall. You withdraw from the front and send Osman. I am here to talk to Osman. Hearing all this, Ismihan Sultan became angry But can’t answer any words. KURULUS OSMAN116 ON KAYIFAMILYTV

Kurulus Osman Episode 116 English Subtitles Osman Bey started making a wheelchair for Orhan Ber. Alauddin Bey helps him in this work. After Osman Bey Orhan finished making the chair for him, he sat him on the chair and started walking around the settlement Osman Bey showed Orhan Bey around the settlement. Orhan says don’t be disappointed. A believer is never disappointed. You keep courage in your chest. May Allah bless you. The episode ends with this scene





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