“Khairuddin Barbarossa: The Sultan’s Order”

Review of Volume 16!

Khairuddin imprisons the Barbarossa Emperor and Darya, while Ali brings Maria and imprisons them together. Although they were taken prisoner, none of the soldiers outside the fort knew about it. Khairuddin Barbarossa wanted to conquer the fort, but there was a lot of outside troops. So Khairuddin Barbarossa made a plan.

He sent Turgut Bay and filled the gunpowder in the tunnel beneath the entire fort. This will cause the entire fort to explode as soon as a shell is fired at the ground. But Khairuddin Barbarossa never wants any majlum to be harmed. So he came up with another plan with this plan. He sent Batista to the pastor. And he says: to move people.


Meanwhile, Gensari Pasha was taken prisoner by Ibrahim Pasha and imprisoned by Araz Pasha with him. Because Ayaz Pasha was helping Janissari Pasha. And Ibrahim Pasha wants accountability for why he helped Gensari Pasha from Ayaz Pasha.

And then he gave it to Ayaz Pasha to wear the proof from Gensari Pasha, Ayaz Pasha read it, but basically it was not proof, the proof was already given to Yahya Effendi by Gensari Pasha. And the proof he had was essentially a poem against Ibrahim Pasha. In the poem, Ibrahim Pasha is mentioned. Ibrahim Pasha was very angry. And he tasked Ayaz Pasha with finding out who wrote it.


Meanwhile, Khairuddin Barbarossa learns that Luna is looking for a map, he was a little worried at first, but later took an opportunity to make a plan. Khairuddin Barbarossa shares the plan with Luna. And found a way to conquer the castle. But in the meantime Turgut Reyes had prepared for the attack and brought cannons. But shortly before he could drop the bomb from the cannon, Khairuddin Barbarossa came and stopped, and saved him from a much greater danger.

Meanwhile Khairuddin Barbarossa needs to get the map so he makes a plan with Luna. He imprisons Luna. and asked to mingle with Maria. Maria asks to earn her trust. Luna does so, and Maria calls Luna the location of the map. But it doesn’t say it’s perfect. So it’s like Luna can see the map on paper, but when Khairuddin takes Barbarossa to see him in the morning, the paper looks blank.


Khairuddin Barbarossa was very angry when he saw the paper empty. But Luna said there really was a map. Khairuddin Barbarossa called the map researcher and showed him the matter. The researcher says: It is reflected in the light, and it requires that there is a fake ink. Also, if we make a mistake in it, we will never see this map again. Khairuddin Barbarossa believed in the researcher and gave him the task of solving it. and prepared to attack the fort. Meanwhile, Turgut Reis sent a signal to the people to withdraw from the fort.

On the other hand, Shahsuwar Hatun is no longer trusted by his brother Ayaz Pasha. Because he learned from his daughter that his sister had asked his daughter to leave the palace at the time of the attack. Through this, he clearly understands that his sister is behind them. So he lost faith in her. And work and plan away from him. Shahsuwar Hatun works for Ibrahim Pasha. But now they can’t provide any more information.


Because his brother is secretly planning and working from him, he lures his niece and uses the information with what he wants against his father. And Ayaz Pasha’s daughter Ayaz Pasha took out the information and gave it to Shahsuwar Hatun. The fact is that the original proof did not reach Ibrahim Pasha, so where is the proof? In fact, the evidence that Yahya Effendi has is told to the sister of Ayaz Pasha, the daughter of Ayaz Pasha, and the sister of Ayaz Pasha, i.e. Shahsuwa Hatun Ibrahim Pasha.

Meanwhile, the proof is with Yahya Effendi. So he’s very worried. How do you get the proof to the Sultan? He cannot enter the palace. Because the palace is occupied by Ibrahim Pasha. So he thought that if he could not reach the Sultan, he would make the Sultan reach him. That is, invite the Sultan. And he does. He invited the Sultan to his dargah. The invitation was made secret. and begged the Sultan to come alone.


When Ibrahim Pasha came to know about this, he went to the Sultan and asked him. Did I do anything wrong? That you didn’t tell me about your invitation. The Sultan then said it was a secret. Ibrahim Pasha asks? Who? Who are you going to for the secret? Then the Sultan said I am not going and they are calling me towards Mustakim in Sirat. Upon hearing this, Ibrahim Pasha quite understands who called the Sultan.

Ibrahim Pasha therefore reached the dargah of Darwesh Yahya. And the Sultan should be present when he will ask them. Ibrahim Pasha was shocked to see the Sultan. The Sultan wants to know what is this evidence that you are so afraid of? Meanwhile, Yahya Effendi handed over the evidence to the Sultan. The Sultan read the proof. and says “You killed Cheleby in an unfair way?” Then Ibrahim Pasha denied it.


“I have evidence that I didn’t kill him in an unfair manner,” he said. Betraying him in the same way is my proof of Genissari Pasha, whom I executed. But I later forgave him for showing you the truth. Then Ibrahim Pasha presented The Gensari Pasha, and asked him who the Sultan would tell him everything.

Then Gensari Pasha changed his face and told the Sultan that Chelebi Pasha and I had disobeyed orders together. Forgive me, Sultan. Yahya Effendi was completely surprised to see this. And he asks “Boy, what are you saying?” Then he says I am telling what is true. When the scene changes, we realize that the night before, Ibrahim Pasha had gone to the prison of Gensari Pasha, imprisoning his family. And let me tell you to forgive him. And he said I will give you a new life, forgive you and take care of your family. You’ll do that. That’s why Genissari Pasha does this.


Meanwhile, Luna tells her girlfriend Marcela that she’s with Barbarossa, telling her what they’re planning, and listening to luna’s loyal soldier. And that’s what the soldier went and told Maria. Maria gets angry and wants to kill Luna. But the soldier says he won’t let that happen, because he doesn’t want the soldier to agree with Barbarossa, but he won’t let Luna harm him. And that soldier told Maria another thing, and that was that Barbarossa wanted to save her people.

Knowing this, Maria makes a plan. And that’s what he imprisons people. And at the expense of their lives, he wants to take back the Emperor and Darya. He tortures all the people. And gather them all together and hold the coral over their heads. Knowing this, Khairuddin came to the fort with the Barbarossa Emperor and Darya and other prisoners. Meanwhile, from the top of the castle wall, Luna’s soldier points a poisoned arrow at Khairuddin Barbarossa, which Maria originally gave him to kill Khairuddin Barbarossa.

With all these events the volume ends here, in Orders of Khairuddin Barbarossa Sultan Volume 17 we are going to get the answer, will Khairuddin Barbarossa be released from that poisonous arrow? Can i find a map in the map? Can the castle be occupied? Can prisoners be saved? And what about Ibrahim Pasha? What about Yahya Effendi?





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