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Destan English Subtitle Episode 13 Free To Watch | turkey tv series

Destan English Subtitle Episode 13 (turkey tv series).

Destan English Subtitles

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Destan English Subtitle

turkey tv series

Destan Episode 13 With Bangla Subtitle

He behaved well against his enemies; this was expected of his virtue.

253 He said to Lüdeger: “Welcome to my country! It was your fault, the situation that touched me a lot, But he will suffer, first of all, God! God bless my friends, it has been of great benefit to me.

254 “You really owe them gratitude,” said Lüdeger Han. “No Khan had ever had so many captives from such great people. Destan English Subtitle I’ll pay you plenty of redemption if you hold us with dignity if you forgive me and my friends.

255 Answered the Khan of the country: “You can walk around here as you wish, You and the other Khan. But my enemies will not try to flee; I want assurances that without a peace treaty, I will not flee my country.” The other took his hand with both hands and swore in this way.

256 They were well received and brought to peace, Every wound of the wounded was cared for with care.

Drinks and good wine were given to the healthy ones, The captives had never felt so comfortable in their lives.

257 The shattered shields went to the polythene. There were many bloodstained saddles; An order was given to hide them, otherwise, the ladies would have cried when they saw them. Destan English Subtitle

It still kept coming, many war-weary valiants.

258 Han paid close attention to the guests; The country was crammed with both friends and foes. The command was given so that the seriously injured should be taken care of; The stubbornness of the enemy chiefs decreased, they became tamer.

259 Traveling physicians were summoned in high remuneration, Incomparable silver was paid, just as much gold, So that after the sufferings of the battle, they could groom the wounds of the valiant. Destan English Subtitle

Also the Khan distributed many benevolent guests to his valiants.

260 He insisted on those who wanted to go to their homes, “If you had stayed longer,” as it is customary to do to friends.
By her actions, her wishes so gloriously his followers had done; He consulted on how to reward them.

261 By the way, the valiant man from the Low Country also asked for destur, he said.

“Now I have to go.” Upon learning of this, Gunther Han amicably asked him to change his intentions. “Heads up,” said Siegfried, but in fact, he wouldn’t have done it at all if it weren’t for Kriemhild.

262 He did not ask for any rewards; he didn’t need it, it was already enough. Destan English Subtitle However, he deserved the award, before anyone else; that’s why the Khan and Beys liked him very well because they had seen very well what happened in the war thanks to his power.

263 He thought of staying there for the reason of the beauty he loved; She was dying to see him. It really happened Then, just as he wished; He recognized the young girl closely, He returned to his father’s home, happy inside, after that. It was

264 Khan’s orders, that Atlı Bey games should be held at all times; Nice young Bahadır, he would join them with enthusiasm. Destan English Subtitle Under the Worms Fortress, on the sandy shore of the Rhine, the Han had also made seating benches for people who would come to Burgundy and watch the Games. While waiting for the guests to arrive, Kriemhild, the daughter of the Han Duydu Khan, said that feasts and festivals were organized for both the Horsemen and the privates. He had begun to prepare for this, beautiful ladies, start with the heart.

266 They were sewing and reaping the robes they would wear and the wide ties they would wear. The wealthy Ute also heard the event, The high-headed valiants would come; He took out of his chests, many magnificent cloaks.

267 He had many garments sewn for his beloved children, Many ladies and many young girls adorned with them. Destan English Subtitle

Destan English Subtitle

And many young men of the province of Burgundy. Many flashy clothes were also made available for foreign guests.

turkey tv series

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