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Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

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Destan 17 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

356 Hearing this, the brave, pure-hearted man said: “I wish I could go to my beloved mother. Maybe her fellow girls will prepare us a turban, And we will dress gloriously in front of the Dilber Sultan.

357 Nobles spoke with dignity, Hagen of Troneck: “Why would you ask your mother for such a service? Announce to your sister what our problem is; He is so talented that whatever he does, he provides us with magnificent garments. Watch Episode 16

358 Thus the khan conveyed to his sister; He announced that he would come to her with Siegfried. She immediately put on a beautiful girl, an ostentatious dress, She was happy that they would come to see her. Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

359 His companion girls were also well-dressed. There were two Hans. When the girl heard He got up from his seat and greeted them with dignity. As they entered, the noble stranger and his older brother. Watch Episode 15

360 “Welcome, my brother and your esteemed comrade. I look forward to the news you brought.” said the girl. “What is it that brought you to me in the palace? Let me hear it from you.

361 The wealthy Khan replied: “My lady brother,” he said, “We have happy expectations, but we also have troubles. We will go to the palace of a very distant foreign country to ask for a girl.
We need splendid clothes to wear on this journey. Watch Episode 14

362 “Just sit down, my dear brother,” said the Han girl. “Let me find out, who is that lady, who drew your love from the land of other Khans?” He welcomed his illustrious guests, holding their hands to the long chair he had just been sitting on. The guests leaned against the magnificent pillows adorned with pictures embroidered in gold thread; Relaxed variants, Khan is hosted by his daughter.

364 Many times, sweet glances, Eyes bunching and presenting their love. Yigit was carrying the lady’s daughter in his heart, he didn’t care about life or body; He deservedly took her in the end, he made himself a wife. Watch Episode 13

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

365 Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series Spoke Gunther Han: “My very noble sister; we aim to enter competitions in Brünhild’s home; There, we must appear in front of the ladies in good clothes. We can’t do that either, without your help.”

366 Khan’s daughter spoke: “My dear brother, You should know without a doubt that I am ready to do whatever I can, to help you; It also saddens me when someone else tells you that I won’t do it when they wish for something.

367 you don’t have to make such a shy request; You’re my Khan, it’s custom You have the right to give orders. Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series Whatever you want, come to me, I’m ready to do it,” Dilber finished her speech.

368 “My dear sister; We want to wear good clothes, you should support their preparation. Let your comrade girls sew the robes that will stand magnificently on us, because we must embark on this journey.” Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

369 Then the young girl said: “Good news to you, I have a lot of silk. But you bring enough Gems to fill the shield, let’s plant it in the cloaks. We will prepare all the robes you will wear in front of that noble lady.” Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

370 “Who will it be?” asked the Han daughter, “They will go to that palace with you in a well-dressed suit?” Han replied: “Alone with me, Siegfried, I also have two Beys; I take Dankwart and Hagen.
We’re doing it, that’s all.

371 But remember my dear brother, what I will say now. Each of those who set out shall wear two robes per Day for four days, and it must be so that we do not leave the land of Brünhild in shame.” 372 He promised to do this, beautiful girl; The braves took the detour and left. At once she summoned thirty maiden companions to her section in the Palace, the Khan’s daughter Kriemhild; All of the girls were fully talented for this job.

373 Various snow-white silk fabrics Or clover green Zazamank country silk They sewed and fastened the jewels; splendid garments were prepared. Her beloved Kriemhild made the cuts with her own hands. Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

374 The skins of strange sea animals -it is admirable to see- They were used as the lining, as much as they could find. The upper cloth was silk, embroidered with gold thread; The description of the luminous garments is mind-blowing.

375 The silk used in Han garments from the Maghrib country, and some from Libya, was the best seen, Var was enough, in Kriemhild’s hands; Finally, he did a job that the Han daughter proved that she wanted to give. Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

376 They didn’t find it worthy enough on their own, for they cared about going to Brünhild’s palace. furs of ermine skin; They covered the furs with incomparable black silk so that the look of those who wore it would be as the Acar valiant people wanted to be seen at the festivities.

377 Many jewels gleamed on the silk from Arabia; It was not less than the troubles endured by the working ladies. All the cloaks were erected in six weeks, and the weapons of the virtuous Valiants were ready. Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

378 They put on their equipment; meanwhile, a solid ship was built for them, by the Rhine, to take them to the open sea. Then the young girls finished their sewing work.

379 The valiant ones were informed, that splendid garments to be worn were erected for them; Everything was ready as the Bahadırs wanted. Then they didn’t want to linger along the Rhine anymore.

380 The news was conveyed immediately, to the valiant comrades, Dendi said, “Would you like to see the cloaks on yourself, Is it too long or too short to understand?” They also expressed their sincere gratitude to the ladies.

381 Everyone who saw the coats above them said, ‘I have not seen anything more beautiful in the world. They would gladly wear them in that palace; No brave man’s clothing could be better.

382 They offered their sincere thanks for these garments. Without delay, the braves demanded a detour to go; Atlı Bey expressed these wishes with equanimity; Tears filled the sparkling eyes of beautiful girls.

383 Said Kriemhild: “My dear brother, change your current design If you want another girl! It would be right, I say, then you wouldn’t have risked your life. You’d find closer places, many noble-born chicks.”

384 In my opinion, future troubles were born in his heart. No matter what anyone said, the girls kept crying all at once, The golden patches on their breasts were wet with tears, The tears were flowing so much in their eyes.

385 Said the young girl: “Siegfried Han! I have ordered my brother to you, I entrust him that nothing should happen to him in the land of Brünhild.” The daring, valiant, took Kriemhild Hatun’s hand, he took an oath and promised her.

386 He said to the brave man: “As long as my soul stays in my skin Since all kinds of fear, Han girl! I’ll bring your brother back safe and sound, To the Rhine, I promised, over my head, to this.”

387 The golden shields were carried to the beach shore, All their cloaks were brought aboard. Then were put on horses. They wanted to leave immediately; Then many beautiful women started to cry. \

388 Many lovely children flocked to the windows. A cool wind swept the sailing ship; High-headed Valiants journeyed along the Rhine.
Gunther Han asked: “Who will be the captain among us?”

389 Spoken the mighty Siegfried: “Above the depths, I can steer the ship, stalwarts, have no doubt; I have learned well which paths to follow in the sea.” With peace of mind, they left the province of Burgundy.

390 Passed to the helm tiller The Inn of the Low Country, the laudable valiants, began to sail from the shore. Intrepid Gunther took the place of a rower; They reached the mouth of the river with heartfelt delight and sailed to the sea.

391 Boldu, the best of the food and wine they have with them, which can be found along the Rhine. Hagen’s brother, Dankwart, was also sitting in his place, a rower.

392 The wind was shaking the sturdy masts. A long way had gone until night fell. They had now reached the open sea, rejoicing; Only then did they feel the tiredness of their hard labor.

393 We heard that for twelve days they took the wind from behind, they went forward; they came to the city of Isenstein in the country of Brünhild far away; Only Siegfried knew about this city.

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

394 Seeing the many forts and vast estates on the coast, Gunther Han immediately asked: “Tell me, my friend Siegfried, do you know, Whose are these forts and this beautiful country?

395 I must admit that I have never seen such strong fortifications in my life, Neither in that country nor in this country, as much as I have seen here. It must have been a powerful Khan, the one who made them.”

396 Answered Siegfried: “I know well, Sovereign is the people and the land, Brünhild Sultan; Isenstein Fortress, whose name you heard from me, is also his. You have more to see today; There are many beautiful women in that fortress.

397 However, I have a piece of advice to you brave men: Let’s all speak with one mouth; That sounds right to me. We will leave from today to the presence of Brünhild Let’s carefully determine our attitude there.

398 In front of Güzel Hatun and her Divan, Each of us will say the same thing, with consistency; Gunther was my Han, I was his addict; By doing this, we will reach our goal in the end.”

399 In this way Siegfried demanded to be promised, and they all obeyed him; They did not leave room for everyone to read what they know and speak what they think; it was useful when Gunther Han saw the beautiful Brünhild.

400 Said Siegfried: “To say that I am dependent on you like this is more for the sake of Kriemhild, that beautiful girl, than for the cause of my love for you; She is more valuable than my own life, my body, for me. I will take care of your work so that she can be my wife, without being burdened.”

401 While these were being talked about, the ship came so close to the fortress they had come before that Han saw it there. Beautiful girl looking out of high windows. He started to ask, in a good mood, brave and brave:

402 “Tell me, my friend, Siegfried, answer my question, Do you know any of the ladies and girls who look at us here on the sea from the windows above? They are obviously very noble.”

403 He replied: “Take care, but without revealing to them; Then tell me which one of them you like the most. If you were to buy, who would you take from them?” “Sure,” said Gunther, fearless stalwart, quickly.

404 “I see someone in them; The one standing at the window dressed in a snow-white robe. She has such incredible beauty that my eyes want her. His body is very well-formed; If the job had remained, I would have chosen her as a wife.”

405 “The choice of your eyes was very good; Here is the Strong Brünhild that your heart, body, and soul long for, the beauty standing there!” He liked every bit of the girl, Gunther.

406 Hanım Sultan ordered her young female comrades to withdraw from the windows; they should not be a spectacle to foreigners. Without hesitation, his command was obeyed.
But then what they said, we heard that too.

407 For strangers to come to the palace, they all adorned their gentle bodies; As is the habit of all beautiful ladies. They were cold at the narrow battlements, From there they secretly looked at the braves.

408 They saw that only four people came to their country. The mighty Siegfried was pulling a horse as he walked; He saw this from the battlements, sweet ladies. He was making a big show of respect for Gunther Han.

409 Good-natured and beautiful, strong and large at the same time, Siegfried held the bridle of a magnificent stallion until Han Gunther sat in the saddle. Thus did he serve him; but then one day it didn’t even occur to Gunther Han.

410 Then he took his own horse from the ship. He never did for a horse riding a horse chore such as holding the stirrup; He also did this and he saw what he had done, beautiful noble ladies in the battlements.

411 These two Merry Horsemen were in the same dress, They wore snow-white, identical robes; The equipment of their horses was the same. Their shields were radiant, in the hands of noblemen.

412 The gentlemen, mounted on jewel-decorated saddles with small rattles of shimmering red-gold attached to their narrow girths, rode with the Sultanate, to Kriemhild’s palace.
They had come to the land with the equipment befitting their valor:

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series
Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

413 The point of their newly sharpened pointed spears; they had swords well forged on the anvil, Reaching down to the spurs of brave men, They were both sharp and wide; such was the equipment of the valiant. The beautiful Brünhild saw it all, and nothing escaped her.

414 Followed by Dankwart and Hagen. Get the news from me: These two valiant men were in majestic cloaks blacker than the black crow. They were holding in their hands a good-looking, beautiful, large, and wide shield. Gemstones from

415 Libyan countries were shimmering in their cloaks. They had left their ships on the shore without entrusting them to anyone, These brave and pure-hearted brave men entered the fortress on horseback.

416 They saw that the fortress has eighty-six bastions, Three great palaces in it; in one of the palaces, a large well-built central cavity: its floor paved with the finest grass-green marble; Brünhild was seated on the throne there, with the Council members next to her.

417 The inner castle palace was opened, the door wings were blown to the side, the men of Seğirtti Brünhild said Welcome and welcomed the valiant in the name of the Sultan of the country.
Those who got up with horses were taken and taken into custody.

418 Said one of the chamberlains: “Take off your swords and thin breastplates and give them to us.” Intrepid Hagen said: “There’s no need for you, we’ll carry them on ourselves.” Ol dem Siegfried, who explained the situation, intervened and said: Destan Episode 17 English Subtitle Watch Free | Turkey Tv Series

419 “This is the custom of this castle, you should have learned it from me, No guest can walk armed here. Give them to your trust too; No problem.” Reluctantly he did this, Hagen, Gunther Han man.

420 They offered plenty of wine to the guests; the order was established for their comfort. Nice Horseman, dressed in splendid clothes, was entering and leaving this palace from all sides; But most of all, the daredevils attracted a lot of attention.

421 At that time they announced to Brünhild that valiant men from the foreign province have come to the land, In splendid garments; They crossed the sea by ship.
Then the pure-hearted beautiful girl Sultan asked of them:

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Destan 17 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series



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