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Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle

Destan 12 English Subtitles

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The beautiful ladies, who had been worried until that day, we’re happy, The news that reached them made them all very happy. The messengers answered the noble ladies’ curious questions. 228 How the prosperous Han’s men were victorious, they told. Destan Episode 12English Subtitle

Meanwhile, one of the messengers was summoned before Kriemhild; This was done in complete secrecy, the young girl could not question openly because she was deeply in love and attached to one of those who left. 229 Seeing the messenger enters her room, she sweetly said to him, the beautiful Kriemhild: “Give me your heartwarming news, I’ll give you gold; If you do it crookedly, I’ll always watch over you. Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle

230 Did he emerge from the war in peace, my brother Gernot And my other wife, my friend? Are there many dead among them? Who was the best fighter? Tell me about these.” The messenger replied with pure heart: “No one was cowardly on our side. 231 But, the very noble Han daughter, If you’ll excuse me, I’ll say, In the Battle, no one was thrown so far as the foreigner from the Low Country; Destan English Subtitle

Siegfried’s hands worked many miracles in battle. 232 Despite all the other valiant men, Dankwart and Hagen, and the other noble Hans fighting in the way worthy of their Glory, their deeds remain nothing, besides the strong Siegfried, son of Siegmund Han. 233 They also killed a lot of good people in battle, But no one can tell you exactly, What Siegfried did, fighting on horseback. Destan English Subtitle

The nice lady made her kin mourn bitterly by sacrificing her life. 234 How many valiant fiancees and lovers also lamented death. Strikes of swords so powerful that he struck down on the heads of the headscarves, Blood like a river gushed from the wounds. Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle

He is a Horseman with every virtue, both brave and pure-hearted. 235 Mister Ortwein of Metz was also very helpful; Whoever reached out with his sword At least that person was injured and collapsed on the ground, most of them died. Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle

But it was your brother, who inflicted the greatest damage on the enemy ever seen on the battlefield. One should recognize the rights of distinguished variants; The headstrong Burgundians fought so hard in the war campaign that the slightest blemish did not happen to their glory. 237 The battlefield resounded with mighty blows, Their sword-wielding hands have left many saddles empty, So fought that Rhine-men The Enemy would have better not fought them at all.

238 When the forces of the two armies came face to face, the intrepid Tronecks also gave death to the enemy. Bahadır Hagen’s hand crushed many; Here in the province of Burgundy, he must be praised highly. 239 Sindold and Hunold of Gernot’s army And the daring Volker have done so much that Lüdeger will always be devastated when we remember them For provoking war, his lords on the Rhine. 240 In this or that place on the battlefield, From the first to the last, of all the skirmishes, the fiercest ones waged, Siegfried’s mighty handled, Rich captives this valiant, to the province of Gunther Han.

241 By using his power he is worthless, Destroyed the Han Lüdegast, And his Lüdeger, of the Saxon province! Listen to me, very noble Han daughter, of what I will say there is more: 242 Both of these have been captured, Siegfried’s mighty hand. Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle

Never have so many captives been brought into this land, as those brought to the Rhine now because of him.” No news could have made Kriemhild happier. 243 “You should know, noble Hatun; being brought intact Five hundred or more; There are also the wounded, with at least eighty stretchers smeared with blood brought to this country. Destan English Subtitle

Most of these The indomitable Siegfried’s mighty hand had knocked him down. 244 Those who once sent messengers to the Rhine and recklessly summoned us to war Fallen now to Gunther Han’s captives, Joyfully adding them all to ours brings it here.” Hearing this, the young girl blushed. 245 Because of love, his white face turned into a rose-red, Because he came out of great dangers safely Siegfried, the valiant he loved, strong is expensive.

Besides, he was rightly happy for his wife and friend. 246 Ol speaks sweetly: “You have given me good news, So you will receive, as a reward, a richly-worked garment; And I’m going to have you give ten gold Marks.” When done like this messengers are eager to bring good news to wealthy ladies. 247 He was given the reward, the golds, and also the clothes. Destan English Subtitle

Then she went out to the window, many beautiful ladies; They were watching the road. They saw your return to the province of Burgundy, many brave men with their heads held high. 248 Appeared those who returned unscathed; Then came the crowd of wounded. Destan English Subtitle

They listened without shame your friend’s welcome shouts. Happily, he went out to greet, the Khan himself, his friends; It was over now, the worry that was crushing him. 249 He embraced his own men and foreigners from another country. Destan English Subtitle

Such behavior would have suited the wealthy Han anyway. He thanked them as well, for they won the battle with honor and glory in the War they rushed to help. “Tell me,” said Gunther Han, begging for information from his friends. He learned that there were only sixty people who were lost, that they too would be mourned, as is always done for the lost variants. 251 Those who came strong carried many shattered shields, Many torn helmets, To Gunther Han’s province.

They dismounted in front of the palace, among those who greeted cordially, Joyful shouts were heard from the surroundings. 252 Tired braves were taken to their places of accommodation. Destan English Subtitle

Destan English Subtitle

turkey tv series

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