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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 18 With English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Barbaroslar Episode 18 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

(Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

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Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitle


(Barbaroslar Episode 18). The death of Aruj was a bitter blow to the Turks, but it was by no means the disaster that it would have been had it occurred a few years earlier. They were now firmly established throughout North Africa, from Djerba to Tenez, and the Sultan in Constantinople had already seen what advantages could accrue to his empire by having his left flank in the hands of fellow Turks. (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

Barbaroslar Episode 18 There is little doubt that, even before Aruj’s death, there had been friendly and regular communications between the Sublime Porte and the Barbarossa brothers. Automatically, the mantle of high command now fell upon the able shoulders of Khizr. (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

He had learned much from his brother in the past fourteen years, and he was soon to show that he had every bit as much aptitude for war, and even more for negotiation, politics, and—ultimately—for statesmanship. It was to Khizr, then, that the Turks in Algiers looked for advice in the present situation. (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

Even in appearance he was a born leader: “His stature was advantageous; his Mien portly and majestic; well proportioned and robust; very hairy, with a Beard extremely bushy; his Brows and Eyelashes remarkably long and thick; Before his Hair turned grey and hoary, it was a bright Auburn; so that the Surname Barbarossa, or Red-Beard, was conferred on him, rather preserve the memory of his Brother Aruj, than from any Title he had to that Appellation. Barbarossa was, of course, only the nickname by which he — like his brother—was known to Christians. (Watch Barbarossa Episode 18 With English Subtitle) (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

To Turks and fellow Moslems he was to be known in his lifetime and ever since not as Khizr, his baptismal name, but as Kheir-ed-Din —“Protector of Religion.” This informal title seems to have been bestowed upon him during the next few years. Certainly, it is as Kheir-ed-Din that the records name him during the rest of his life. Kheir-ed-Din might indeed be translated as “Defender of the Faith.

” It is a curious thought that at about the same time that Khizr Barbarossa acquired this name, King Henry VIII of England received the title “Defender of the Faith” from Pope Leo X (in return for his defense of the papacy against Martin Luther in 1521). (Watch Barbarossa Episode 18 With English Subtitle)

But whereas the successors of Leo X were to regret having bestowed such a mistaken epithet upon the “Heretic Henry,” Kheir-ed-Din remained a fitting name for Khizr Barbarossa to the end of his days. He was to prove a bastion of the Moslem faith in the Mediterranean Sea, and such a scourge to Christians that he also deserved the name later given to Dragut, one of his chief lieutenants, “the Drawn Sword of Islam. (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

” Twenty-two large galleots belonging to the Turks lay in Algiers. The immediate thought of their leaders was to embark, leave the city, and make their way further east. Not only was there a large Spanish force established at Tlemcen —possibly already on its way to attack them—but news of Aruj’s death had put heart into the Algerians, and there could be no doubt that they would try to compound an alliance with the Spaniards. (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

The fort on the island was still in the hands of its Spanish garrison, and the Turks fully expected that they might soon find part of Charles V’s fleet investing the harbor. The obvious course was to escape while the going was good, but wiser counsels prevailed. Their ships were ready, the slaves and stores were embarked, they could leave at an hour’s notice—better than, perhaps, to wait for a little and see what the Marquis of Compares intended to do.

The latter now made a blunder so gross that it still seems almost unbelievable: “Having settled all his affairs at Tlemcen, [he] withdrew all his Spaniards to Oran, and soon shipped away, for Spain, all except his proper garrison . . Presumably the Marquis felt that in routing Aruj’s troops and killing the Turkish leader, he had eliminated all the troublesome elements in that part of North Africa. (Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle)

But, by his failure to follow up his victory and drive the Turks once and for all out of the Algerian coastline, he missed an opportunity which, as Morgan remarked as late as the eighteenth century, “it is very unlikely will ever again offer.” The news was not slow to reach Kheir-ed-Din in Algiers. Watch Barbarossa Episode 18 With English Subtitle

Throughout the spring and early summer the galleys passed and repassed across the Mediterranean Sea, carrying messages between one ruler and another, for this operation was seen as something so important that it transcended national quarrels. Only France, a country which “led an uneasy life with most of its Christian neighbours,” does not seem to have contributed to a naval force that amounted to little less than a European armada.

Although estimates of the number of ships vary considerably, it would seem that there were about fifty war galleys to spearhead the attack, while the number of transports varies from
anything between 200 and 450. Watch Barbarossa With English Subtitle

He heaved a sigh of relief and looked round to see what needed to be done to secure his harbors, towns, and lands. Kheir- ed-Din Barbarossa now “reinforced his garrisons along the coast, at Meliana, Shershell, Tenez, and Mustaghanim, and. struck up

To Be Continue………

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