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Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan Episode 10 Free Of Cost | turkey tv series

Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan Episode 10

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Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

turkey tv series

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180 Ren The valiant men had to go through the country of Hesse on horseback to reach the province of Saxon. The fighting started immediately, They plundered and burned, they were devastated everywhere, Tez heard this, the two Khans of the enemy were devastated. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

181 Until that day no greater mourning had fallen on the Saxon province. They were now on the border; The servants are back. The mighty Siegfried asked the Gentlemen: “Who must it be? who will command us the rearguard in this country?”

182 They said: “Bless the recruits along the way, the daring Imrahor!”[12] He is a very fast Horseman. If we do this, Lüdeger’s men will do us less harm. Let’s get him and Ortwein in charge of the rearguard.” Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

183 “I myself will go out to explore on horseback,” said the stout Siegfried. “My eyes will always be open to the enemy until I can pinpoint their location well.” Then immediately took up arms, Sieglind’s handsome son.

184 He surrendered the army as they went on the expedition, to Hagen It is a daredevil in valuation to Gernot, whom he appointed as his assistant. Separated and plunged alone into the Saxon province, He gained solid knowledge of the Enemy with a clear brow. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

185 He saw the army of the enemy exaggeratedly crowded, he encamped there along the border. For his own army, the numerical multiplicity is overwhelming; They were at least forty thousand, perhaps even more. His eyes are indomitable Bahadır, he was happy when he saw this army.

186 In the enemy army, a valiant, fully equipped for war, went out to forward watch. Mister Siegfried saw him, and he saw him, too, Both of them began to look at each other with wrath.

187 Let me tell you, it was Lüdegast Han, who was on watch with the shining golden shield he was carrying in his hand. The very noble stranger showed bravery befitting a gentleman before him and rode towards him. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

188 Now Lüdegast Khan has targeted him as an adversary. Both spurred the flanks of their horses, He struck with all his might his spear against the shield of his foe. Ultimately, the great Hakan fell into a very difficult situation.

189 The spurred stallions took them like the wind, against each other with all their speed. He turned the bridle and immediately turned towards each other, as a gentleman, the mighty men of Yaman were put to the test with the sword. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

190 He struck and struck Siegfried, the plain resounded; Sparks flew from his opponent’s helmet, As if there was a great fire, hey hey! He fought so hard, Bey from the Low Country.

191 Lüdegast answered him, with a fierce blow, The strength of each left a mark on the shield of the other. The thirty men of Lüdegast heard the clatter and came in full rein, But by the time they arrived Siegfried had prevailed.

192 of the sword strikes that he sent down to the Khan. The three deep wounds he had inflicted by piercing his thin hull armor—though of good nature—had knocked his foe down.
On both sides of the broad sword the blood from the wounds was smeared; And when he gave up, saddened, Lüdegast Han.

193 “Forgive me, my dear,” he said, “I will give you my country.” He told her that he was Lüdegast. At that time, his valiant came to them; they had seen what was going on, what was going on between these two who went on a Discovery study. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

194 While he was taking his prisoner away, he attacked him from there, thirty of his stalwarts. Then Siegfried’s hand Rich defended his captive, with mighty sword strokes; He was very devastated by this time.

195 In the end, Siegfried, the distinguished bounty, deprived his soul of his thirty, save for one; he fled, his horse was able to run fast enough. He conveyed the news of what was going on in the middle of the plain; The truth of the matter already seemed her in his bloodstained coat.

196 Law engulfed the warriors of Dan province to learn that their Khan had been taken, prisoner. When Lüdeger got the news, he fell into extreme anger, he was rabid, he sat down in what was happening.

197 At that time the prosperous Lüdegast was brought into his companions, by the force of Siegfried; There he was handed over to the valiant Hagen. When he learned what happened, he was sincerely happy. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

198 He gave the order to the Burgundians that the company flags be raised, Siegfried said: “By sundown, we will do much work, here; If this soul remains in the flesh, the wife of many brave men will fall into widowhood in the province of Saxon and will be in black mourning. Men of the

199 Rhine clan! you know I can take you straight to the Lüdeger army; We will return to the province of Burgundy until the arm of our Bahadirs, who will behead many warriors there, will start their journey back to Burgund.”

200 rushed horses with Gernot addicts; He raised the banner high, the valiant Volker, the mighty violin player[13], He began to ride, he fell forward; He and his comrades were fully equipped.

201 They commanded no more than a thousand warriors, and there were also twelve brave men. They crossed the country on horseback, dusting the roads, their beautiful ornate shields gleaming.

202 Then came the Saxons with their armies. So we heard, they had their swords sharpened; These swords were slicing in their hands Bahadır, They wanted to defend their fortresses and their homelands against foreigners. Drama Eith English Subtitles Destan watch Now

203 The commanders of the two Han armies drove the army forward, Siegfried also appeared before them with the Valiants he brought from the Low Country; In that day’s battle, blood stained the shields of many brave men.

204 Sindold and Hunold and also Gernot Shot and killed them in the fight, how brave they are, how dare theyDrama Eith English Subtitles Destan

turkey tv series

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