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Destan 11 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost | turkey tv series

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle (turkey tv series).

Destan 11 English Subtitles

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turkey tv series

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle This is how these brave Valiants gained glory. 208 In hand-to-hand combat, their swords rustled in the air as the Low Country stalwarts swayed, following their Beys, charging the enemy; They rode with Siegfried, like a gentleman. 209 No one of their Rhine valor could follow them, so far. Destan 11 English Subtitle

You could see, with the strokes of Siegfried’s mighty hand, blood gushing from the sides of the Luminous helmets. Finally, he found Lüdeger Han in front of the commanders of his army. He dived there, dived again, three times reaching the end of the Warrior crowd. Destan 11 English Subtitle

Destan 11 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle (turkey tv series).

Now Hagen had come near him too, Helping him in fulfilling his valor; Many Horsemen died that day with their blows. 211 When Siegfried found the mighty Lüdeger, he swung his sharp sword so hard that in his hand he killed many of Han’s companions, Yavuz was enraged, then Han. 212 Exaggeration war broke out, the clanking of clashing swords made the place groan. Destan English Subtitle

The warriors of the two sides entered into each other again, The Warring Khans showed themselves in this test. Those whose warriors were crowded began to regress; a bitter resentment rose in their hearts. 213 They announced to the Inn of the Saxons that his brother had been taken prisoner; This news brought him bitter mourning; He didn’t know yet, they told him it was Siegfried who captured him, Gernot, but he learned the truth later. Destan English Subtitle

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle 214 Lüdeger struck such a blow with his sword that the horse under Siegfried’s saddle stumbled, But he straightened again. The daring Siegfried Yaman fought in the battle attack. 215 He was very helpful to Hagen, as well as Gernot, Ortwein, and Volker; they left many people dead. Find old and Hunold, each of them valiant soldiers, widowed many women, and burned their hearts. 216 Horsemen, each more valiant than the other in the conflict. Destan English Subtitle

There, it was seen that many spears flying over the Tolgas pierced the luminous shields held by the gracious hands. It was seen that many ornate shields were stained with blood. 217 Yavuz fell in the attacks, many brave men from his horse. Destan 11 English Subtitle

Intrepid Siegfried and Lüdeger rushed over each other. Both were fighting for glory, for glory. 218 Siegfried’s hand took the Han’s shield and swung it away. “I have defeated the daring Saxon,” thought the valiant Low Country man. The Saxon ranks were broken now; Hey, smashed a lot of shiny armor, fast Dankwart! 219 At that time, Lüdeger Khan recognized the crown crest engraved on the shield in Siegfried’s hand; Who was that daredevil, he understood.

Destan episode 11 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle (turkey tv series).

He shouted to his own comrades: 220 “My men, my gentlemen, stop fighting; I see Siegmund’s crest before me! Now I recognized the mighty stalwart from the Low Country; Evidently who sent him here upon us Saxons. He was the devil.” 221 Whereupon the banners bowed to the ground; Khan wished for peace, he was forgiven. Destan English Subtitle

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitle But Gunther Han’s home had to be caught, it was Siegfried’s strong hand that forced him into it. 222 They agreed, to quit the war. The vanquished took off their smashed helmets, their broad shields, with their own hands, and laid them on the ground; these they are a heap. All were painted the color of blood from the blows of the Burgundians. 223 He has taken every one of them captive; was in the winners because of power.

Gernot and Hagen Beys immediately put the wounded on stretchers, They took them to the province of Burgundy Five hundred people taking with them a magnificent team of prisoners. 224 The defeated Dans returned to Dan province on horseback. Destan 11 English Subtitle

The Saxons did not fight either, as it would bring them praise; That’s why they were upset. Spouses in the dormitory cried a lot, for those who died in the war. 225 Taken arms were carried along the Rhine with beasts of burden. Destan English Subtitle

He fought well with his own stalwarts Siegfried the Strong; whatever he did, he had done well. Everyone in Gunther Han’s army should have recognized his right. 226 Gernot sent messengers back, To Worms, He reported to his friends in his country What success he and his comrades had been given to him, How these daredevils exalted fame. 227 Messengers made their way quickly, they brought the news. Destan 11 English Subtitle

Destan English Subtitle

turkey tv series

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