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Best Series Destan English Subtitle Episode 14 Watch Free Of Cost | turkey tv series

Best Series Destan English Subtitle Episode 14 | turkey tv series.

Best Series Destan English Subtitle

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Best Series Destan English Subtitle

turkey tv series

Epic Chapter 14:
What is Chinese Taizu’s trick of the devil?

Best Series Destan English Subtitle Alpagu Khan, who raided Batuga and Akkız’s small nomadic tribe, orders an attack on their alps after shooting Sirma, but Batuga and Akkız are prepared for such an attack. Akkız, who set traps in the steppe for years and plundered the Gök caravans, has now set up a trap to defend themselves against the Gök Khanate.

Alpagu Khan falls into this trap and has to negotiate with Batuga, but Alpagu Khan turns the trap into an opportunity and offers to be their hostage until the bargaining conditions are met in order to get to know his new enemy. Best Series Destan English Subtitle This obligatory guest starts a terrible war of nerves between father and son. The things that Batuga and Akkız want for bargaining make both Ulu Ece and Taizu very angry.

The way he finds is a way that even the devil cannot think of. Now Batuga and Akkız need to save not only themselves but the whole of Türkeli.
Production and project design belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; Directed by Metin Günay and written by Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz and Nehir Erdem, “Destan” starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar will continue to leave its mark on Tuesdays on ATV screens.

Ebru Şahin (Akkız), Edip Tepeli (Batuga), Selim Bayraktar (Alpagu Han), Deniz Barut (Ulu Ece), Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı (Balamir Beg), Kanbolat Görkem Arslan (Saltuk Beg), İpek Karapınar (Çolpan Hatun), Burak Tozkoparan (Temur Tegin), Elif Doğan (Tutkun), Burak Berkay Akgül (Kaya Tegin), Ahmet Olgun Sünear (Yaman), Buse Meral (Sırma), Ecem Sena Bayır (Günseli Hatun), Esra Kılıç (Mei Jin), Bilgi Aydoğmuş ( Kırçiçek), Osman Albayrak (Vargı Beg), Alperyiz (Danış Ata), Şahin Ergüney (Kün Ata), Meltem Pamirtan (Yibek Kadın), Evren Erler (Çalayır) Best Series Destan English Subtitle


268 Those who wished to take part in festive celebrations Every day, along the Rhine, on horseback; They were all coming to the country because they loved Khan. Both horses and coats were given to them. Best Series Watch Now

269 ​​Special seats were made and prepared for all the noblest, the highest guests; These were thirty-two Khans. For the sake of the festive days, many young girls were eagerly adorned.

270 At that time, Giselher, at the age of puberty, was not idle either; He and Gernot, together with his men, were welcoming and welcoming the foreign gentlemen and their variants with them sincerely. Best Series Watch Now

271 These Beys had come to the country by riding in golden saddles, carrying shields decorated with jewels, in magnificent robes, because they wanted to appear like this at the Festival, out of respect for the Khan. He was now healed from the wounds most of them had received in battle.

272 Those who lay in their beds and suffered from their wounds had forgotten how painful it was to approach death; They stopped complaining that they were weak and dejected, They were happy, festive days are coming to the news. Best Series Watch Now

273 They also wanted to have fun in those days; Their joy was beyond measure, everyone was very joyful. Happiness was gushing from all sides, all over Gunther’s land.

274 On one of the mornings of the holy night, five thousand, perhaps more, valiant, such a large number of men, dressed in splendid clothes, gathered together and walked towards the festival area; The competitions of the day immediately began, There the glory of the Burgundians won. The khan knew, he had already sensed it, how the valiant Low Country fell in love with his sister with all his heart. However, they never showed beauty to the valiant. That beauty that suppresses all the girls.

276 He said: “Now give me advice, my gentlemen, my privates, What if the feast was as glorious as possible? So that they do not condemn us later, and everyone praises us for the work we do.

277 Answered him, Mr. Ortwein of Metz: “If you want the glory of our festival to be full, let it appear in this place of entertainment, beautiful ladies, they are the great honor of the province of Burgundy.

278 Will the private team enjoy it, what will they look at and be cheerful, Beautiful girls, if there are no flashy chicks in the middle? Let your sister come to our feast.” Nice noble Bahadır, he liked this proposal. “I will follow this counsel,” said Han. hearing this everyone’s hearts were relieved. They informed Ute Hatun and her beautiful daughter that they were asked to attend the festival together with Comrade young girls.

280 At once the most beautiful of the many robes in the chests were sought, The maidens clad in radiant garments. Garment decorations, rings, fitted, Nice belle young girl adorned, nice. 281 Many young valiant people lost their hope, For ladies who will like my look; They preferred it to take a Han country. They looked fondly at women they had never seen before.

282 Khan entrusted his sister to a hundred men who will always be by his side; Sword raised in their hands, they would guard with him his mother, Such was the court custom in the province of Burgundy. Best Series Watch Now

283 Came to the prosperous Ute with his daughter: As companions—all dressed in splendid robes—Perhaps a hundred, perhaps, even more, he had taken with him, beautiful ladies.
He was also going, along with Kriemhild, many young girls adorned with jewels. Best Series Watch Now

284 It was seen that all of them came out from one of the doors of the palace. At that moment, the valiant looked eagerly; He hoped that maybe he would see Kriemhild and be happy in case he was lucky. 285 Then Kriemhild appeared, like a sunrise red through the dark clouds. Then all the suffocation went away. She saw the lovely belle, in all her beauty, standing in front of him.

286 Many jewels gleamed in her robe, She gave her a lovable appearance, her skin rose-colored; Even if one wanted more, he had to say that he had not seen anything more beautiful in this world. 287 Just as the stars dim, the shining full moon, Even if its light comes out from among the clouds, He also stood in front of many women, His heart swelled as he looked at her, always dressed valiant men.

288 He was walking in front of him, the state mabeyn officials; He never stopped being snuggled where he could see that beautiful girl. As for the noble Siegfried, he felt both happiness and sadness. 289 He asked himself as if talking to him, “How will I do this job, How will I win your heart, as I hoped? I’d rather die than be without you.” For his reason, with these thoughts, He felt both joy and sadness.

290 Beyond Kriemhild stood Siegfried in all his handsomeness, Like a picture on Pergamon paper, By the hand of a master painter; There was no denying that such a handsome valiant had never been seen anywhere before. Best Series Watch Now

291 Best Series Destan English Subtitle The people next to Kriemhild called out to the brave men around, to make a way; many valiant immediately obeyed. They did not show their pride, but they were happy inside, their bodies shuddered. Everyone watched the procession of these beautiful women with decency.

Destan Episode 14 With Bangla Subtitle

turkey tv series

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