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Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Free Of Cost | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 15 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 15 English Subtitle

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Destan 15 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series

Destan 15 English Subtitle 292 Then he spoke, from among the Burgundians, Gernot Han: “My dear brother Gunther; This is what’s right, Praise you, in front of all these brave men, who have served you wholeheartedly! And for this suggestion, I can only boast.

293 Summon Siegfried, Siegmund Khan’s son, to come before Kriemhild; he should also greet him, it would be an apt reward. Although he has never spoken to any valiant; But welcome to Siegfried,
Let’s win, a very virtuous valiant, always as our friend.” Gunther’s men rushed to where the valiant stood, “The Inn of the Low Country!” they talked to him saying, they said: “Our khan wishes so, he allowed you to enter the palace; His sister will welcome you, to honor you. Destan 15 English Subtitle Click

295 Bahadır was very happy at this news; He was now happy without sadness Because he was going to meet the beautiful one. Indeed, the young girl spoke chastely and greeted him. Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch destan 14

296 When he saw that the daredevil was standing in front of him, The young girl’s red skin. She said the belle: “Welcome, valiant noble, Siegfried Han!” Bahadır’s inner relief increased a lot from this greeting. Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Destan 13

297 With courtesy, the khan bowed before his daughter, thanked her, the girl held out her hand, took her hand. He couldn’t get enough of watching this beauty and the valiant next to him.
Han and Hatun looked at each other with sweet eyes; However, both of them were on fire.

298 At that time, did he squeeze the white hand in his palm a little as if lovingly caressing it? I don’t know that place, But I don’t think it’s lagging behind. He showed the beauty, very openly, his love for her. Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Destan 12

299 In the spring season, in the Maydays, when the love was rising in the hearts, Siegfried never heard in his heart, he wanted to have more of the love, holding hands like this As he heard while walking.

300 A beautiful woman who saw them passed through her heart: “If I were her, if I had walked, hand in hand with this beauty, how happy I would have been if I had slept next to that beauty!
I wouldn’t do two things you say, acumen. Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Destan 11

301 All guests from any country were watching only these two. Allowed Kriemhild to give the handsome man a customary kiss. He didn’t like it that much, valiant, about anything.
all his life. Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Destan 10

302 Immediately, the Inn of the Danes said what was going through his mind: “It seems to me that this kiss was for the sake of getting Siegfried’s strong hand, many of my valiant men.
God forbid he ever entered my country! Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Destan 09

303 Everyone was called out to make way before the beautiful Kriemhild. Then many brave gentlemen took him to the courtyard of the palace with pomp. He left there, distinguished valiant.

304 Khan’s girl entered the great church with her fellow girls. He was so beautiful that his eyes were on him, so many valiant, he lost himself; It was a feast for the eyes with its beauty. 305 thousand Siegfried could hardly wait for the ritual air to be finished. He had to be thankful for his fortune because he was inclined to it, he kept it alive in his heart; however, she was worthy of this beauty.

306 The girl came out of the church. Siegfried quickly caught up. He was seen approaching Kriemhild in friendship. While they were walking side by side, she thanked him, the most beautiful, for going to war in front of the Burgundian lords and fighting so fiercely. Destan 15 English Subtitle Watch Destan 08

307 “God bless you, Siegfried Han,” said the beautiful girl, for you won—that’s how I heard—our people’s eternal gratitude.” At that time, the valiant looked at Kriemhild Hatun with love.

308 He said, “I will always be at their service. I will not stop and rest my head Until I complete their happiness, Kriemhild Hatun! I will do this to please you.

309 For twelve days, whenever she was going to go out, the beautiful girl gave her to her side among the Beys in the palace, to accompany her; They did this as a way of honor because they love Bahadır very much.

310 In those days in Gunther Khan’s palace, in its wide central space, there were always happy joyful voices, a jolly uproar; Nice daredevil, he got in and out. Ol dem has begun, Ortwein and Hagen
to do great things.

311 Whoever was trying to do anything, was always ready to participate These war-loving savages with all their might. Thus, the guests got to know them closely; Bezek gave glory to the province of Gunther Han.

312 Those who were injured before were healed and appeared one by one; There, they wanted to compete with the Gunther Han Lords in war games: sword shield fighting, throwing spears away.
It helped them; they were all strong men. During the

313 Competition games, the Khan had the best dishes from his own kitchen; Ever since from any criticism that could be directed at an Inn. He went to his guests, showing friendship.

314 He said: “Merciful valiants, before you leave us, accept my gifts! I always want to be of service to you. Do not refuse what I offer; I wanted to share my property with you,
That’s how it came to me.

315 Those from the province of Dan answered immediately: “We want to make peace with you before we get on horseback to return to our country; We took the risk to give a lot of goods, We will take the oath of non-aggression, as you asked.

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Destan 15 English Subtitle | Turkey Tv Series



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